Jinny’s Pizza (Newton, MA)

Our once a week pandemic restaurant take out this week was Jinny’s Pizzeria in Newton from the people behind Sycamore (one of our favorite restaurants in Boston), Buttonwood and LBD.
We had a mushroom pizza and a sausage pizza - both were overall very good with a good chew, good leopard spotting and high quality toppings. The toppings were a bit unbalanced - in both pizza the ricotta was a bit too much and overshadowed everything else. The dough hadn’t the same lightness and yet deep flavor as our top 2 pizza places in Boston (Area 4 and Brewers Fork) but still was quite enjoyable.
The real star of the meal were the appetizers and small bites. We had the chicken meatballs (excellent consistency and flavor for chicken), oven roasted broccoli (perfect al dente with a slight smokiness), snap pea farro salad (some flavor resemblance to the sugar snap pea salad at Branchline but with more depth), eggplant caponata (I could eat it that by the bucket) and marinated gigante beans with tuna (simple yet satisfying)
Perhaps the only disappointment was the only available dessert - banana nutella cake - nothing wrong with it but a but boring and quite frankly we make better cakes at home.
Overall quite a nice dinner and we will be back


We had better luck than you with the balance of toppings on our one takeout order from Jinny’s. The comparison with A4 seems spot on, we think they compare favorably. Jinny’s displaces The Landing from our affection. Looking forward to trying the sides next time.


We’ve eaten at Jinny’s thrice now, and I can say we’ve really enjoyed everything very much. Living right in Newton Center, I’m not driving to Cambridge or Charlestown for pizza, so I’ve yet to try Area 4 or Brewer’s Fork, but it’s certainly the best pizza in Newton Center! We love the picante pepperoni (quite spicy), we’ve also had the plain, the Alpine (white pizza with potato and bacon), and the ham and pineapple. The picante and Alpine are our favorites. The chicken meatballs were really wonderful, especially since they are chicken meatballs, generally I’m a purist. The broccoli was really good as well. Their cocktails have also been excellent, especially the negroni. We continue to fund David Punch’s children’s college fund.


Just wish they were open all afternoon on the weekends.

Why not ? - Good food is always worth a drive.

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If we were eating in, I’d drive to either of those places to eat, but I don’t want to drive there for take out pizza, where it will be cold and need reheating by the time I’m home. With take out we’re trying to go to our local Newton Center spots.

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