Jinli Sichuan Cuisine Marlboro

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Will do. Feeling mood for some improvised Chinese burritos… basically sesame chicken pork fried rice and a ton of duck sauce and hoisin sauce on a mooshoo pancake. My own personal pre chipotle creation. Sometimes I’ll swap out for lemon chicken.


Typo alert! :joy:


Oh boy! I hope no kids are reading this lol

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Oh wow. Autocorrect doesn’t catch that???
Makes for a very different meal for sure.

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Feel like that belongs including the g spot thread


@Metsfan53 they will deliver within 3 miles. 2.00 delivery fee, 25.00 min.

I went to try and order delivery but I’m too far.


Jinli review, Part 2. Well, we ended up going back to Jinli for dinner tonight. I think I am all cooked out, and prefer to eat out whenever possible. We had the free appetizer of cold tofu in a spicy chili sauce. It was good, if you like cold tofu. The seasonings were spot on. We then tried the West Lake Beef Chowder, to compare it to Sichuan Cottage’s version. The Sichuan Cottage version definitely is the better tasting soup. Jinli’s beef chowder definitely had an egg drop soup base, thick on eggs and very light on cilantro, just a few pieces. There was less meat in this soup as well. I very much missed the cilantro flavor that is prevalent in Sichuan Cottage’s soup.

We then had another order of the soup dumplings. They have become an instant favorite. The dough is on the thick side, to be sure, but the meat and “soup” inside is seasoned nicely and flavorful, and bursts open when you take a bite.

We then had the twice cooked pork belly. I thought it was overly salty, and the meat was tough, perhaps from being cooked twice. I had hoped it would be more tender. My husband thought it was tasty when he mixed it in with the bowl of white rice they gave us.

Finally, we tried the lamb with cumin, to compare it to Sichuan Cottage’s version. My husband says he favors the version served at Jinli. I found this version to be less “lamby” tasting than the one from Sichuan Cottage. There were a lot more Szechuan chilis in this version, but there was also more meat than the Sichuan Cottage offering. I thought there was more cumin in the dish served here, so if you like cumin you are in luck. Both versions are tasty, in my opinion, a little different, and I would say it was a tie on the lamb with cumin.


Nice pics! I never thought the beef chowder would look like that at all. It looks like some regular egg drop soup lol

(If I am seeing the correct picture)

As far as the pork goes, was that roasted and sliced pork? Forgive my eye sight.


Yes, you are looking at the Jinli version of West Lake Beef Chowder. It does look just like egg drop soup, with some meat added, and a few springs of cilantro. I forgot to add in my prior post, that it tasted a lot better when we added some of the cold tofu and chili oil and spices, but then it really was not the soup it was supposed to be, before or after.

The pork was supposed to be roasted and sliced pork . . .to me it tasted like Chinese bacon.


The WLBC at Sichuan Cottage has a TON of cilantro and white pepper in it…it’s awesome


That is interesting. Did you get some smoke flavor from it or was it just the texture? Sorry for all my questions lol. This place seems neat and I’m trying to get some intel :slight_smile:

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We hit Jinli again for lunch today, but went with sort of standard dishes: Kung Pao Chicken and General Tso’s Chicken. (Mark had a craving for them.) The Kung Pao Chicken was somewhat spicy (and had dried red peppers in it) despite a lack of pepper symbols on the menu. The General Tso’s Chicken was very well prepared, but we probably would not order it again–there’s so much Jinli has that’s better/rarer. One note: we were brought forks today. I don’t know if that’s a hit-or-miss thing, or the dishes we ordered seemed to indicate they would be necessary. :slight_smile:

I suspect we will work our way through the entire lunch menu eventually.


That is awesome! I’d love to try every dish there.
So does this place have the pickled vegetables or the fried noodles and duck sauce (or both/none)

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No noodles or pickled vegetables at lunch, either time we went.