Jinli Sichuan Cuisine Marlboro [NJ]

You didn’t like it anyway… :rofl:

Not for us–Rosh Hashonah Eve.

Does anyone know if they had frog legs?

Oh good LORD—wasn’t looking at the calendar! Perhaps I will do this the right way and actually schedule it on a better day. L’Shana Tova to those who are celebrating!

I see now that they do have frog legs. Expensive! Is it me or are some of these dishes pretty high in price compared to SC? 35.95 for chicken or duck hot pot…seems kind of steep. For 36 bucks I’m generally thinking about gorging on rodizo or a steak.


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Was here last night
Cold tofu free appetizer excellent
Lamb excellent
Kung pao chicken real good
Pig feet hot pot good flavor …but pork did not have “Jelly tender” consistency I would expect in the dish
String beans really good

My Uncle who has experience in Chinese Restaurant business loved it and cant wait to go back.


Of course the one I want to try is the Chongqing Grilled Blue Crabs which may be the most expensive thing on the menu there.

They do have some really high priced items on that menu, a bit higher than usual Sichuan places.

To add to the conversation from above thread, I personally don’t think I’ve ever been to a bad authentic Sichuan restaurant. They seem to be pretty delicious top to bottom, since their primary clientele is the “authentic” crowd they probably can’t make it unless it’s roughly in line with the Chinese counterparts. Just checked out the yelp pics and it looks like the high priced items are very large platters though. I’m excited to try it out!

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If you are looking for a sad! example of a bad Szechuan restaurant, look no further than Little Szechuan in Little Silver. 30 years ago this was a pretty good restaurant, now it is but a shadow of its’ former self, with every dish overloaded with sliced carrots and celery, and cayenne pepper substituting for the Szechuan peppercorns and chili oil. I think of it as the Taco Bell of Szechuan food.

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I have been to Little Szechuan plenty of times, I actually enjoyed it for that American Chinese experience. But clearly it is in no way shape or form a Szechuan or authentic restaurant of any sort. It’s your classic tablecloth American Chinese restaurant with some Catonese/pan Chinese items sprinkled in. I like that for what it is some times.

When I say I’ve never been to a bad Sichuan restaurant I’m talking about restaurants that actually make Sichuan food. :slight_smile:



After looking on yelp and Google images, this place has some monster dishes. Check out the pics. It looks like a hotpot can feed several people

And while I am not adverse to spending more at a HO Down than I normally would, one difficulty is if attendees have vastly different ideas of what the meal will cost them. As I noted in the Omakase thread:

I was reminded of the 2003 (fictionalized) TV-movie “The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth about Enron” in which as the employees’ stock rose to dizzying heights, a group went out for sushi and the new guy was surprised/horrified at the end to discover that his share was $300 (or something like that). meanwhile, everyone else was very blase about it, because they figured they were multi-millionaires.

Which brings me to the second point: Whenever people suggest HO-Downs, it would be nice if they also said what the price range was going to be. I’m not poor, but I still would like an idea of whether something is going to be $20/person or $75/person (or $300/person).

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I wouldn’t worry about this one. I am officially removing myself from interest in a HODown here.

I discovered that they deliver so I had lunch delivered yesterday. I still think Sichuan Cottage is better. Mostly the food was fairly good but higher priced. Shame as a joint that delivers to me is great in theory.

Isn’t the delivery worth the extra cost?

For us, the prices are about the same for lunch ($7.45 SC, $7.95-$8.95 JL) so it’s what dishes we feel like eating. Although I do think the Sichuan Cottage lunch dishes are a bit larger.

On the other hand, Jinli does have a bunch of stuff Sichuan Cottage doesn’t (and vice versa), and if that’s what you want, that’s where you’ll go.

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I used to get real Szechuan at Little Szechuan years ago. I stopped when most Chinese restaurants replaced their vegetables with carrots, celery, broccoli, white onion, bell peppers. These cheaper substitutes have no place in real Asian cooking. But I must be in the minority since most NJ restaurants have made this switch and are still in business.

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Even 25 years ago this place still wasn’t great. However, I guess it is “good enough” to stay in business. I’ve never had a great dish there but I don’t think I’ve ever had anything off-putting. Little silver has never been a restaurant destination. (Thanks captain obvious lol :slight_smile: )

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the lack of Chinese food esp delivery in the immediate area is a great mystery to me. LS is “ok”, but lacks much flavor. Nobody decent delivers at all. I need to get off my ass and see if House of Chong will deliver over here, b/c LS no delivery is a huge pain sometimes and NONE of the delivery places are any good that I’ve dealt with so far.

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Does oriental empire deliver? I would probaby say that place is better than both LS and HOC. All three are mediocre Americanized Chinese but OE seems to be trying a little harder…if that makes sense.

The one in RB? I’ll look into that. But yeah American Chinese is all I expect. I’d lose my wallet if someplace like shanghai bun open d up here

Yup…let’s us know how you like it if you try it.