Jimmy's Pizza Mamaroneck

Just passed Jimmy’s Pizza on Mamaroneck Ave in Mamaroneck.It has been gutted. It was a greek style luncheonette and lately was strictlly pizza and the occasional gyro. It was operated by a husband and wife. HOWEVER on the next corner an empty building is being worked on and a sign says coming soon - Jimmy’s best pizza inc. since 1975. I’m assuming some connection, but I can’t really imagine Jimmy and his wife would start all over. If you don’t know them, it was a small free-standing shop across from the old A&P - now cvs

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I don’t know the shop well, although I have driven by dozens of times. There is a good chance the landlord either raised the rent, or, the lease is up and the landlord asked them to leave so they can get in a higher paying tenant, or is selling the property, or drastically improving the property (most likely.) Since the new location is very close by it is possible, and highly probable, that the landlord wants to improve the original property, but also owns the space nearby and was willing to rent to them, at a higher rate of course.

Problem is, I can’t imagine Jimmy and his wife starting over, even if only about 3 bldgs. down. They should both be ready for retirement. The age of the original bldg. and condition pretty much preclude any substantial rent change and the new location is also a rather tiny run-down bldg. Even if that whole block were bundled, it would be difficult to place a modern bldg. that would be profitable.

The new sign is up" Jimmy’s Pizza" 3 maybe 4 bldgs. up from where he was. Looks to be pretty much the same size as before, but the oldinterior was pretty much dilapidated, so I’m guessing either new or at least new for Jimmy’s on the inside. In the meantime across the street and next to cvs where North Shore Market is supposed to go, can’t see any progress, the new row of stores going up to the street seem to be progressing however.

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