Jewish deli in Burbank?

I’m going to a concert in Burbank tomorrow at 5 pm and really would like a dose of kosher soul food for Hanukkah. Are there any delis that have good pastrami, latkes etc that would work? I thought about going to Art’s in Studio City but they close at 8 and we may not get there til 7:30.


It’s been a long while since I lived down there, but at that hour, Canter’s on Fairfax might be your best bet. They’re not THE BEST, but they hit most of the standards decently (except their chopped liver. Feh). The latkes are decent, good bagels, highly acceptable chicken soup. And parking.

Yep. After 8 on Sunday isn’t a great time for that hanuka aside. But cantors has really gone downhill prob since you last went @Lectroid I might consider other non deli options. I’d rather hit up arts or Brent’s if u can be there before closing.

It was good fun while it lasted:

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That’s a bummer to hear. Canters was a great spot for late night noshing where the food was at least decent.

Of course being up in Sacramento now, I’d be thrilled with a reliable place for even mediocre latkes.


We are really missing Greenblatts.

Canters prob fine for just latkes

The soup is powdered yellow stuff and the pastrami is greasy rubber bands.

But there’s a full bar and a decent bakery.

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Canter’s has the 24/7 and bar going for it. Losing Greenblatt’s put a big void in the universe.


Thanks for all the responses. We had settled on Canter’s for lack of any other place to to go, and then the concert ended much earlier than we expected. We went to Art’s; I got my craving of pastrami and latkes fulfilled; the pastrami was OK, not as great as I remembered (or as good as Brent’s) but it definitely hit the spot. Latkes were good portions and great crunch. Others enjoyed their dinners and there were to-go boxes for everyone. We shared a really good cheesecake and were well-fed and happy.

Thanks again,


The sad news was its closing the restaurant; the encouraging news was it stayed in the pastrami business:

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Have you tried that Carnegie pastrami?

I always preferred it to Katz (and RC/Langers).

Only at the late restaurant. It’d be our first choice too.

put in a word with santa or the hannuka fairy – $200 plus shipping for 6lbs - that would be like 3-4 sandwiches at the actual deli!

Sliced Pastrami - 6 LBS – Carnegie Deli NYC

I always think of Art’s and Corned Beef, not pastrami.

I always think of Matzo Brei at Art’s.

I love hiw we are capatalizing the dishes at Art’s!

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