Jersey Tomatoes 2016

Yes, but if you are going to pick nits about other people’s photos you should at least be prepared to provide some of your own.

Of course it’s the same shot twice, any idiot could figure that out.

It’s not really a positive contribution to the thread to post something like that, unless you are looking to apply to the CIA based on your photo recognition skills, in which case I hope you have an alternate career lined up.

End of story indeed. I’ll bet you’re from the city, this the kind of crap that goes on the CH Manhattan board all the time.

And you post there as well. We both do. In any event, I didn’t put up a tomato picture earlier because mine are (yes!) Manhattan tomatoes. Tomatoes with a view.


So some new tomato shots:

As a special test for our manhattan based friends, is this actually the same shot twice, or two different shots?

Also for our manhattan based friends, yes those are hatch chilis also in the shot, which technically speaking are not tomatoes.

Gotta be honest with you, I am getting really tired of the CH Manhattan board because it is full of Lurkers and Besserwisser.

There is really not a lot of interesting content on that board anymore, and lots of miserable souls and bizarre trolls.

I’m more interested in promoting positive discussion with good humor about interesting food and restaurants than posts about photo analysis, manners discussion about kosher restaurants, did I tip too much, how do I get a res at Gabriel Kreuther (er, pick up the phone?) and other forms of navel gazing that are just kind of mean (common) and boring.

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So back to something interesting.

One of my favorite dishes on a summer evening is a tomato salad with Bleu Schneeze dressing:

This is really easy to make and quick, but it depends totally on the quality of the fresh tomatoes:

Slice tomatoes and arrange on a plate.

Sprinkle with EV Olive Oil and a good red wine vinegar.

Liberally dust with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Drizzle with a commercial blue cheese dressing or blue cheese crumbles.

Garnish with a chiffonade of fresh basil.

Takes about 10 minutes start to finish, and is especially good with grilled meats like lamb or steak.

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I also do a variant on this with Ranch dressing, garnishing with scallions and fresh tarragon or cilantro.

My take so far…

Is that a cucumber or are you glad to see me? (I’m thinkin, Tsatziki !)

What variety are those elongated ones, Roma or something else?

Anybody have some good heirloom shots?

I always get my heirlooms from the Clayton Family Farm, in Freehold. I just did a blog post about them.

<a href="At Home:  Heirloom Tomatoes

P.S. I had a vegetable garden years ago but gave it up over time when the growth of trees in our backyard prevented sufficient sunlight.

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nah, just having great tomatoes, some super great olive oil (olive oil with truffles adds a treat), some fresh basil, and what more do you need (besides maybe some salt and pepper). ranch dressing just will hide the taste of the rest, I think…
But, overall, agree with these posts, tomatoes have been great, and just got to eat them fresh and savor the taste.

Well I have at least 20 ways of making tomato salad and lots of tomatoes. After a week or two of straight EVO I have to start mixing it up a bit. If you don’t like the dressing give the blue cheese crumbles and basil chiffonade a shot. I’ll bet you’ll like it.

Wow I gotta go get me some Clayton’s. What kinds are those?

Obviously, they are a variety, but I can’t tell you what kinds because I didn’t write down that info. If you go, there are signs on the bins with the names as well as the origins of the seeds. Iirc, some of the seeds date as far back as the 19th century!

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One of four bowls. Anyone have any interesting freezer ideas? I think the canner has retired for the season.

Perhaps, a tomato tart?

<a href="At Home:  Summer Produce (2015)

Bake it, let it cool down, then wrap it well and freeze. To be honest, I’ve never tried freezing one, but because the tomatoes are cooked, it should hold up well when defrosted and reheated.

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One word: Salsa !

I’m not a tomato guy at all but I love salsa…if that makes sense. I’m not into large raw pieces of tomato. I eat about everything else in the world lol

Viking, any good salsa dishes? If anyone can replicate the copper canyon salsa, we will be life long friends :slight_smile: I love that stuff…the smooth texture, smoke profile, acidity, salty flavor, and right balance of heat make this world class. I dont know of any better salsa around. If anyone had any epic salsa recommendations let’s hear it!

Well I make a mean pico de gallo using the hatch chilis, but that is no feat. You just have to have lots of fresh tomatoes and chilis.


Check. Coming out of my ears :laughing:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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