Jersey Shore where not to go

Title is a misnomer
In a previous post it was agreed to wait out the summer invasion of Bennies for a certain restaurant.
I’m curious are there any restaurants that are immune from the invasion that locals can enjoy on a Friday or Saturday evening.
I’m liking the Beer Garden at Blu Grotto.
Hopefully there are some places around.
Indoor outdoor dining doesn’t matter.
The rest of the week I’m good in Freehold area .
Sunday night is starting to be bit of a challenge
So HO’s watcha got.?
If anyone suggests Asbury Park I’m going to SCREAM
I m avoiding AP from 5/27 -10/1 it’s really out of control
Thanks in advance

Last night we had a 7:30 reservation at Victory Park Tavern in Rumson. Its my favorite local restaurant & did not disappoint on a holiday weekend. It was a beautiful evening with outside & inside dining & not overcrowded all.


Wow totally forgot about this place thanks so much
Rumson usually not on my list but great idea

Very big fan of this spot. Food has always been on point. Plenty of parking nearby as well.

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Good to know, thanks

Just a follow up, went to Beer Garden a Blu Grotto tonight.
Margherita pizza & tuna poke bowl were good
GF asked for Aperol spritz and it was terrible
After a chill set in we went upstairs to the bar at Blue Grotto, nice to be out with grownups & bartenders who knew how to make proper cocktails.
I has a fried calamari done General Tso style, excellent & gf had some blistered shisedo peppers & a proper Aperol Spritz ,nice bartenders & very likeable group at the bar.
I believe I have outgrown the beer garden , btw had amazing bread at the bar it was like cake, probably the best thing I’ve had bread wise in a long while.

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Atmosphere and ambience at blu grotto is fantastic. Oceanport is prob good town to visit during summer. Despite the track it never seems too packed to me saves cpl days.
The marina is now under the management of the cousins lobster truck folks. I’ve had their food once and found it ok. The previous folks did not run na serious kitchen. The spot right on the water should be a home run; perhaps with a shot altough I imagine it may get crowded if they do a decent job


Don’t go anywhere that’s on the water. It has been my experience that the closer a restaurant is to water the worse the food and the more it is overpriced.


I agree however when I used to frequent SeaBright with the exception of RumRunner it really wasn’t the case. However haven’t been to SB in about 3 years


Went to Mar Belo in long branch this evening
It was busy but not overly so.
It was all good. Steaks were good. The shiah kebab also prepared as ordered. And paellas and halibut all fresh and good.


That’s a place I have been trying to get to
Thanks for the reminder

Equal Mark?

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I can name a number of spots on the water that should be a home run… just keep finding places where it’s easier to go for average, charge extra, and they do okay - which is a shame. I wouldn’t object to mid-20 entrees if they weren’t so obviously Sysco.


My only exception was 2nd Ave jetty and I’ve only been a couple times but it’s a stones throw to the ocean and still quite good.


Thanks for the tip

Black Eyed Susans in Harvey Cedars is very good. Im scquainted with the owners. Hoeever i imagine its a madhouse weekend evenings.