Jersey Shore restaurant picks?

Anyone have a favorite?

I love the restaurant week $12 lunch special at Bar A in Lake Como. Worth twice the price at least. Oh, and they also have a daily blue plate lunch special for only $4.95!

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We enjoyed our dinner at Fromagerie. (You can read my blog post about it here.) It is expensive, so 3 courses for $32.17 is certainly a very good deal. I notice that the excellent Caesar salad is on the RW menu. Not to be missed! Also, I see that profiteroles, which we liked a lot, are one of the dessert choices. We didn’t have any of the main choice options.

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I will second Fromogerie, excellent way to get a feel for the place at a very good value.

It’s restaurant week! Anyone plan on checking out any of the restaurants?

I merged your thread over to this one since it was already started and had some traffic.

Whoops! Sorry I missed this thread. I was supposed to go to Daniel’s in Point today but it looks like I might not be able to make it :frowning:

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While I understand that RW events help get people to try new restaurants, I tend to shy away from these ‘deals,’ mostly because I’ve never felt they truly show what a place can do. I wonder how much the folks in the business hate these things…?


(((psssst…the answer to your questions is they hate it a lot!!)))


That was my assumption!

Sharing this year’s list:

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I was looking at the list last night, planning a few stops

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