Jersey Shore BBQ

As always you are too kind! Honestly the plea;

“The crowd is older and local but very nice. If the younger cliental doesn’t start to appreciate the privately owned establishments”

Made me suspicious, that just not an arms length -customers critique of a restaurant in my opinion.

I was lost, but now I am found.

Glad there was a shore and so many Hounds made it :smile:

Hope everyone else takes a peak. Once they see the “Onion” roster its game over.

Imagine that Matt, all the times my big mouth could have and probably should have gotten me tarred/feathered/stocked and whipped, “C” suspends me for my rather mild criticism by comparison of their less than brilliant changes. Hell, if I am going to get expelled, I at least want bragging rights. :stuck_out_tongue:


Back to food.

We went to Redemption again tonight and had another great meal. I had the vault burger and I love the bacon jam on it. As always, chefMD cooked it perfectly medium rare. We all shared a plate of General Tso’s brussel sprouts with chinese sausage and cashews - very cool mix of things I love! And, of course, the desserts were enjoyed by all - even if my lousy diabetes limits me to one or two spoonfuls. We have to do a big meal there one day soon.

DEFINITELY in for that! I vote for Szechuan Cottage b/c I need to try it…

RGR, so great to see you back in a “NJ” environment. I hope you and Michael find time to hit up some NJ spots so you can post about them and we can all follow along on your flickr. Best regards!!

Hi jsf!

Thanks! I’m glad to see you here as well. Being on this site with my NJ pals is definitely an incentive to get back to dining out in NJ, and I do have a list of places I want to hit.

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I’m here too. Thanks for the heads up RGR.

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Just wanted to give a shout out to all my local friends, nice to see so many familiar faces here. Welcome!

I’ve reached out to Fourunder but I think the email I have for him may no longer be valid. If anyone has a way of contacting him please do, would be good to have him here too.

Hey JR,

Hope all is well. I was also wondering about my meat friends: Fourunder, AC Gold & Brian.

I don’t have e-mails & I was a very bad boy and was sent to the gallows with my “C” membership in hand. :joy:


@bgut1, Yay! So glad you’ve joined. Seems like old times. :slight_smile:

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All is well thank you very much. Glad to see you’ve found us here…looking forward to future discussion.

This is starting to get pretty cool. It’s really good to see everybody.

I’ve been craving a couple different things lately. I think we may finally have enough folks around to starts some new threads . . . .

BTW, I separated rest of Tri State from Jersey. if you have trouble accessing the renamed board, just logout and login.

Cheers for joining!

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I, too, am glad to see so many familiar names here! I really respect your cumulative opinions (& enjoy JR’s sardonic wit) & while I don’t always have the time to post abt my own dining experiences, I do check in daily to read your posts.

Hi all!! So glad I found everyone.

We haven’t gone out much lately for many reasons - we try not to go far “in season”, the summer was way more hectic than it needed to be as we prepared to bring The Sprout to college (she’s a freshman Oy!) and we are very bored with everything.

With your help, I’m looking forward to some good food again.


Congrats MsBean and welcome. Going through the college search now with my HS senior.

It’s good to be back.

Good luck with your search J. I was lucky. The process with The Sprout went pretty smoothly and she knew before December where she was going (applied early decision). Her only disappointment is the lack of interesting food choices near campus!


That makes two of us. (or more I’m sure). My daughter was much more focused…my son it’s pulling teeth to get him interested in even viewing schools. I’m starting to think he actually believes his whole life can be spent in his room playing video games. Although he does have a 55 year old uncle who pretty much spent his life that way, don’t get me started on that.

One good thing about my daughters choice, Johnson and Wales in Providence RI, it’s a good food town, plenty of good restaurants when we visited.

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NotJ -

Maybe your son should look at The Spout’s school. I’d say about 1/2 the kids there spend most of their non-class time playing video games, and probably a lot of class time as well. She goes to a geeky institute of technology with a strong design school.

When we dropped her off this summer, we had a chance to take her out to dinner between orientation sessions. We found some decent Indian food nearby. I asked her if she wanted to take the leftovers back to the dorm with her but she wasn’t ready to be “that kid” yet. She was home a couple of weeks ago and we hit Bradley Cafe before I took her to the bus. This time not only did she want the leftovers - Tongue Chilaquiles - she asked for a second order to take back too!


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Our little group is growing - very cool. There are, however, still a few more holes in the belt. Which any true eater knows means good news - lots of room left to stuff in more.

Since this thread’s on the Shore, I thought I’d bounce up something I’ve been kicking around in the grey matter. There’s been a lot of focus on Asbury Park’s eating scene, but that’s meant some seriously good grub has been slipping under the radar in Belmar. The Tenth Avenue area, including the little plaza, is a walking tour buffet eating to happen. I mean, Federici’s pizza is terrific, the barbecue place has gotten noticeably better, Brandl’s Lazy Lobster is still a shore area treat, Kotta Sushi, Simply Southern, a new brewery??? Oh, almost forgot, there’s some homemade caramel to be had at Sweet! (not to mention chocolate dipped Twizzlers).

I’ve got to spend more time over there soon. Maybe get a new thread or two going about the treasures. In the meantime, anybody else realize what we’ve got there to play with?