Jersey in SF Soma w/ PIC

I went to Jersey on 2nd St Soma in SF for happy hour because I wanted to try it out and get a discounted meal. They have happy hr M-F 3pm-7pm. There wasn’t many folks eating at 4pm, but I still ate at the bar. Lots of TVs you can watch in the restaurant.

I got Slice of cheese pizza $5, they call is “slice of tomato” which is different to me. It was a good size slice and hot out of the oven. It was thin crust and crunchy with lots of sauce and good amount of cheese. I liked it fine.

I also got the meatball on sourdough crostini, tomato sauce, fortina jalpeno mornay $6. That is just 1 giant meatball for $6 folks. I liked the meatball because it was soft and meaty, lots of chopped of tomatos in the sauce, and some cheese, bread got soggy and so I didn’t eat it.

Overally it was a good amount of food and I was full. Charged my order.

There is one unisex bathroom in the back.

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That meatball look great! I’ve liked their chicken parm

Do they have a Taylor ham sandwich?

They only have pizzas on their regular menu, they have a Taylor Pork Roll Jersey style pizza: has jersey sauce, fried egg, mozzarella, provolone $25

Attached regular menu

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