Jersey Falafel

Where can you get a good Falafel sandwich around here?

I’ll start off with Jerusalem Pizza in Highland Park:

Really good with Israeli salad and a nice light tahini sauce.

The pizza was not as good, should have gotten more falafel.

Mamouns in New Brunswick
Cafe 28 or Zaitooni Deli in Red Bank
Sahara 34 or Bon Appetit Grill and Crepes in Matawan

OOOOH…good falafel is hard to come by! One of the NNJ spots I still miss is Beyond Pita in Montclair; it’s a TINY hole-in-the-wall (as in, you walk in and you’re AT the counter) and their falafel is freshly made and fantastic. Also all of about $5 for the sandwich.

Damn. Now I want one.

Agree with Zatooni and Sahara 34
I have enjoyed falafel at the Main St Falafel in Freehold too, although previous ownership was a slight cut above
and when you catch it freshly made, the falafel at the Whole Foods prepared food area is quite tasty and those by the pound wind up a pretty good value to enjoy at home.

The former Ibby’s guys from Freehold opened shop on Rt. 18 in E. Brunswick. Good stuff. I still go to Main St. Falafel as it is convenient and still quite good.

I did not know that. Thank you for the info.

Marhaba in Lambertville. And, as a bonus you can spend hours poking around Lambertville and New Hope across the Delaware. Just don’t go on a weekend, both places are super busy.

We go to Ibby’s in East Brunswick all the time. The falafel sandwiches are amazing. As a side note, their five spice chai latte is also really good. Everyone’s really friendly, the place is always clean, and the food is super fresh.

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