Jersey City, NJ--any help?

Need to go on a business trip to Jersey City in July. Only there for a couple days, but would like to try as many options as I can. Should be staying down near Newark Ave, so the South Indian and Filipino places are close. But am certainly willing to go further afield.

Current thoughts are: Sapthagiri/Chutney’s/Dosa Hut for south Indian, Little Quiapo, Casa Victoria and Max’s of Manila for Filipino in the area of my stay and I’d also like to check out 99 Ranch Market. If I ventured beyond, maybe Razza’s for pizza? Other places outside walking range seem like: Helen’s Pizza? Carmine’s Italian Deli? Wonder Bagels for the Taylor Ham thing? Cuban places for pan con bistec? Drinks at The Archer? White Mana? ( I kind of don’t care what the food is like here, the place looks amazing).

Any help?

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Only two Jersey City experiences I have are Filipino. Both really good in their own way. I have listed to in-depth reviews for you:

Max’s Restaurant: Was described to me as the “Applebee’s of Filipino Food”

Fiesta Grill: More authentic dishes for the adventurous, but plenty of comfort food like noodles/fried goods if you aren’t.

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cool, thanks. am generally adventurous and hadn’t really looked at Fiesta Grill. appreciate the tip.

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@goodparmesan has some cool spots. He can help :slight_smile:

You DEFINITELY want to hit Razza and/or Porta; both have excellent pizza and food! The other spot I highly recommend in JC is Ani Ramen. Marvelous ramen, and their pork bao and shrimp tempura buns are as good as those I had at Momofuku!

If you have time, you might consider taking a PATH train or Uber to the ironbound section of Newark, which has one of (if not the) largest Portuguese and Brazilian populations in the country. Lots of good eats there, and fun to wander.


On the off chance you have a car Mitsuwa is one of the most amazing groceries ever. It’s not so close to jersey city maybe the train can get you there…not sure. It’s insane. Huge japanese grocery store (plus other asian ingredients too) and an awesome food court. Think crazy fresh sashimi, tempura, okonomiyaki, yakitori, everything.


That looks amazing. Need to check it out!

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Agree with Razza for pizza.
A couple others I like in JC:
Broa - Portuguese
Wurstbar, particularly their chicken tikka poutine
Taqueria Downtown
Dulce de Leche Bakery - Argentine
La Unica Bakery - Cuban
Honey Bakery - Russian
Philippine Bread House


LISTEN TO @goodparmesan !!! :slight_smile:

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@gcaggiano you’ve never been to Mitsuwa?!? MIND-BLOWING.

It’s about an hour away, so I’d have to plan accordingly.

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I usually make a day-trip out of it when visiting Mitsuwa. Hike the giant stair trail at State Line Lookout, then drive over to Edgewater for Mitsuwa Market after. Alternatively Broad Ave in Palisades Park is a small Koreatown, or Main St. Fort Lee for post-hike feed.


cool. thanks so much! I may only have time to do a few spots, but will report back. appreciate the tips.

I work in Exchange Place so my recommendations are a little further out for you in Paulus Hook. I have walked it many times.

  • Pizza - Krispy Pizza
  • Wine Bar - Satis downstairs
  • Burgers and drinks - Light Horse Tavern

I agree on the Wonder Bagels. They are really good. Enjoy!

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Any new favourites in Jersey City? My cousin is moving there and I’d like to send her this thread.

Thanks for any recs!

Steak? Edwards. Tacos? Downtown Tacqueria. Pizza? A tie between Bread and Salt and Razza. French? Madame Claude. Italian fancy? Batello. Italian old school? Libretti’s. Sliders? White Manna. Tiki chic? Cellar 335. Apologies if some of them have closed/not reopened, but I haven’t checked nor been there since they cancelled The Big East Tournament at halftime during the St. John’s game, thank God for our betters taking care of us dummies.


My bad…! Old school Italian in JC is Laico’s on Terhune. Libretti’s is in Orange.

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Thank you, @coldbeer70!

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