Jerky? [south bay and peninsula]

i have been upping my protein levels and decreasing carbs recently, which is sometimes tough. One of my best tools is meat jerky. I have not started making my own yet, but on a recent trip to socal found some kind of stand in the gw grocery in monterey park. The display had at least 15 to 20 different kinds and flavors, all sold by weight. I bought 4 different flavors and they are very very good.

The bag, on close inspection, says they are Vua Kho Bo, and there are 3 (or 4?) outposts in the south bay, where they likely have this great selection of tasty tasty jerky. The price is $28 per pound, but a pound gets you a lot of dried meats.

Interestingly, the shops are labeled as candy stores and nut stores in yelp and google. The one i saw did have that, but mostly they had dried animal. Jerky King in cupertino, well, my other searches should have found that. I think Jerky King will be a destination over the weekend.

While the writing on the bag is mostly Chinese, this seems like a viet operation.

Request: are there other sources of dried meats and jerky in bulk with many tasty flavors that you know about? Are the viets especially big on jerky?

(not talking about costco or the standard 99 ranch selection, i already know about that)


Vua Kho Bo is I believe Vietnam Town in San Jose. There’s another shop in nearby Grand Century that sells jerky as well. I tend to think these jerky are all seasoned similarly, not just between these two shops, but in general. They also sell various kinds of tasty dried salty sweet plums, dried fish strips, etc. These kinds of shops are found everywhere in, e.g. Hong Kong (and the items taste similar too). So its not just a Vietnamese thing.

According to Google I had three hits when I searched Vua Kho Bo. One on Story Rd, one in Milpitas next to QQ Noodle (twist my arm), and Jerky King in Sunnyvale which is in the same center as a 99 Ranch. But wait, Jerky King != Vua Kho Bo — but the bag with the tasty jerky has the same location imprinted on it. Google also tags a location on Senter Rd to the south - but just as Vua Kho but the storefront says Vua Kho Bo. Is the Senter Rd location Viettown?

Any tips on other places in this category (sweet & salts & tentacles & meats) appreciated.

Huong Lon on Tully Road, San Jose has a few varieties next to the cash register.

h town has two locations in the south bay that probably has a good jerky selection, and probably the hankook Korean market. haven’t visited yet, more of a note to self.

Jerky King has a small selection (only one pork for example), but the quality is high, thick cut. $31/lb.