Jeppson's Malört

OK, so I’m a glutton for punishment and want to try Jeppson’s Malört when I go to Chicago in September (first-time visitor!). I’m going on business and won’t be able to venture around a whole lot, but can I just walk into any old bar and order a shot? And do they make mini bottles that I can take home with me?

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Most bars will have it available for shots. They do have 50 ml bottles but as far as I know they’re only sold as a six-pack, you can get those at most Binny’s locations along with the regular 375 and 750 ml bottles. I heard about how awful Malort was for a very long time before I actually tried it, really isn’t that bad.

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I’ve never heard of it. Googling.

Up until fairly recently Malört was only sold in the Chicagoland area, even during the 30 years it was produced and bottled in Florida. The new owners of the brand brought production back to Chicago and have only recently started to make it available elsewhere.


Tried it many years ago at Billy Goat. One shot was enough to say nope. If you like to have what you drink taste good, once to try it is enough for me. No desire to repeat.

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yep, when you make Brennivín “black death” (a drink used to coverup the taste of rotten shark meat) taste delicious 'nuff said.

I hear it’s got that ‘get you drunk’ flavor tho that is popular in the Windy City.

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If anyone wants a challenge…$13 for a shot in LA. Phoenix is a very solid bar with great bartenders and you can get a giant salty pretzel with beer cheese to chase that. Or 2.

The Phoenix | Los Angeles (

I went to the bar in Revival Food Hall this evening, and the bartender comped me my shot once he saw that I downed it in one go. It wasn’t bad at all–I guess I’m used to bitter digestifs. (Though I did not like the Mexican Fernet the bartender had me try.) I ended up buying a bottle at the local Jewel.

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