Jenny's shrimp truck copy cat recipe?

In practice, under my broiler, it was 2 minutes on 1 side and 1 minute on the other. I was using the “low” setting.

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Huh. I guess I never noticed till @lindawhit and @mariacarmen started using it here in '18(ish).

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Yup, it’s been around much longer than that. To be fair, we used it a lot in our WFD Facebook group, but perhaps that was after you left?

I never joined that group, so makes sense.

I thought @mariacarmen coined it here after a pretty funny back & forth with @PHREDDY and others.

I went looking for the exchange this weekend after we almost ran out of butter after buying 6lbs and it made me think of how much must have gone into each dish :joy::rofl:

Starts here

(post deleted by author)

As I mentioned, the coinage precedes 2018 by several years. I used it well before I left CH, and both @mariacarmen & @LindaWhit are members of the WFD group I run on Facebook where the acronym has become standard vernacular :smiling_face:

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But you were active on CH in the WFD thread, which is where it started. It doesn’t surprise me that you wouldn’t remember, however, since that’s almost a decade ago :scream:

Time sure flies…

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Then you’re the perfect author for a BOA on TLAs and FLAs. :grinning:

TPSTOX would be an SLA :wink:

Yep, no memory of that. Oh well!

Of course. But you would had you come up with it.

Music for abbreviations

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Try this one (it’s better if you understand German / common German acronyms, tho):

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Ok, I’ll bite. What is it an acronym for? TP…the perfect?