Jenni's Noodle House [Texas, Houston]

Jenni’s has been on my bucket list for a long time.

As we had discussed on a pasta thread, I love my noodles. The problem is that I so infrequently go to the Galleria Area that I just don’t think about it except that I usually see the Post Oak spot as I’m exiting the parking lot from Kenny & Ziggy’s toward San Felipe. And then I slap my head and think “I coulda had a #8!”

Also, the mater often orders Lo Mein and I thought Jenni’s might be a great place for her to try some new flavors.

Anyway, my usual Saturday lunch crew and I were going out to Canino’s last weekend and traffic patterns had us going up Heights Blvd from I10 to come in the back way. We were desperately trying to think of somewhere to stop for lunch and we passed the 20th Street location and I hooked a “U-ey” and we popped in.

OK, so it wasn’t what I thought it was. I expected twenty-five different noodle dishes from all over SE Asia. (Mainly because if I called my place Doobie’s Noodles, that’s what I would have.)

Instead, we found a rather limited Asian restaurant with dumplings, spring rolls, a few noodle dishes and a LOT of rice dishes.

I was trying to eat light, so I had some "crispy"pork dumplings and a couple of spring rolls. The “crispy” dumplings are in fact deep fried, not steamed and then pan fried as I was expecting. That’s on me though, but I would get steamed next time. The spring rolls are pre-made and sitting under plastic next to the register.

Mom got the exact same thing I did as the noodle dishes didn’t sound that appealing to her and OBD got pho and something else but I can’t remember what.

The bottom line is that wasn’t objectionable and I can check the box off the bucket list.

It just didn’t meet my lofty expectations.

But then again, what does?

I went to the one on Shepherd and it was okay, but I haven’t thought to go back. Ordering at the register was a little awkward, people paying and ordering at the same place.

Have you been to Pho & Crab on Memorial? I had pho #6 for lunch today. I like the place, best Vietnamese in the area. I see where another one is opening or has opened on Westheimer across from PF Chang’s.

Pho & Crab

I have not, but that’s a pretty good looking menu.

What else have you had? (Maybe it should be its own thread tho’.)