Jedediah Hawkins Inn, So. Jamesport, NY - Yuck!!

I’ve been to Jedediah Hawkins three times and have always had a bad experience. Other than the fabulous ambience I can not understand why they seem to have such a following.
Even the lovely building was looking a bit shabby and in need of some repair and paint.
My S.O.'s friends invited us to join them for Sunday dinner. They picked this place and I deferred to them as I did not know them well and didn’t want to make waves.
It pretends to be somewhat of an upscale place but in reality is “bush league.”
We had a 6:30 reservation for an outside table. We arrived and were told it would be “a while” but we could have an inside table. It was a beautiful night and we decided to wait to dine “Al Fresco.” (I went to school with his cousin Bruno Fresco.)
“The wait turned out to be one hour.” There were smaller tables that could have been moved around to accommodate our group of four but that didn’t happen.
We sat on the rear porch and ordered drinks and listened to a solo guitar musician playing the most inappropriate music for the setting. Harp or violin would have been an enhancement, “In a Godda Da Vida” was not.
Finally a group of four finished up and we started to salivate as we watched the table and waited another 10 minutes for someone to start clearing the table and setting up for us.
We were shown to our table eventually with apologies and assured that our drinks would be on the house. A nice gesture.
The menu is somewhat limited but acceptable. We order a variety of appetizers and entrees.
The service was attentive but I would have expected the servers to have a clue as to who ordered what. When the orders came they batted 0% out of 100%. Everyone had the wrong dish placed in front of them. Do you remember my words “bush league?”
During dinner, one of our party used the rest room. I noticed him talking to the manager and asked what that was about: “No towels in the rest room.” I got up about 15 minutes later and came out shaking my hands to dry. I mentioned it to the manager: “I’ll take care of it.” Bush league, as I said.
Our food was not memorable. The fancy hamburger was the best thing we had. Two of our party ordered the pasta dish but only one order was delivered. It took long enough to get the second order that I suspect it had been forgotten.
As the sun went down the swarm of bugs feasted on us. I’m still scratching my legs.
I know we were sitting outside but I also know there are ways to control this.
There was also no outside lighting once the sun went down. Servers placed a couple of dim lights on the table.
There are so many better choices on the North Fork. I wonder why this place gets good ratings.
To be fair I have to say the parking lot was very nice.
Thanks for letting me share.

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[quote="motosport, post:1, Harp or violin would have been an enhancement, “In a Godda Da Vida” was not.

You cracked me up. That song could take up the entire hour wait! Sounds awful. What town is it in - I’d like to add it to the post for clarity.

The bugs an no lights sound like the perfect end to a perfect evening!!

So. Jamesport

Ambience is everything, to some people.

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In that case:
The parking lot was well maintained.
Termites were eating away at the wooden columns.
The mosquitoes enjoyed the sunset buffet.

If the place was painted a bit darker, they could use it for an Addams Family revival. Sad really, so much potential.

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