Japanese Vending Machines

Shiso sour, damn that sounds fun. Ever tried a shikuwasa sour? That’s peak Okinawa.

Indeed, countless ramenya, and cheaper soba/udon restaurants worship the vending machine ticketing system. (too many dine-and-dashers?)

But there are also vendos where you can get ramen right then and there. Don’t have a photo right now, but I’m a searchin’ everyday for more vm madness.

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Are they different varieties (bc they all look the same)?

To which ones are you referring?

Generally speaking, a single vending machine will have a variety of drinks/foods/whatever the heck else.

Occasionally, there’s a one-trick pony – e.g. the apple juice in Aomori – but it’s more because that region is the Japanese producer of {apples}. I believe there would be more varieties once it’s the season.

(I’m not sure which post you’re replying to, so I presumed it to be the apple one.)

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Not yet! I will add it to my list!

Yes, the apple post. Thanks for clarifying!

I took a few photos of the apples in this post.

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Dems apples are from Nagano :wink:

eta: Shinshu (信州) is an historic name for present-day Nagano prefecture.

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One of my favorite snacks.


Powdered green tea, deceptively sold in boxes similar to cigarette packs.

(The name, Chabacco, comes from cha-bako/茶箱, or tea box.)

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I remember buying cans of hot coffee from a vending machine when we were there - the dang things were so hot we couldn’t hold them.

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One of my travel tips for Japan was to carry a bandana to be able to hold the vending machine coffee cans. (It’s a useful item in general.) Another was a compass to find your way out of the department stores.


My phone battery kept dying so I had a lot of fun navigating the department stores and subway, and getting back to my hotel without Google Maps.

We went in 1994, so cellphones were not yet a thing.

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Japan was my last international trip, in January 2020. I relied on my cell phone a lot for navigation and translation.

Ringer Hut is a Japanese chain specializing in Nagasaki champon, a ramen dish with creamy sauce, vegetables, seafood, and meat.

This vending machine has that, filet katsu sandwiches, dumplings, and fried rice.

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(atop the machine, “the tasty spicy hot sauce made with garlic,” along the side, “the devil’s hot sauce”)

Denim face masks

A variety of spicy and slightly spicy ramen.

Knowing the typical Japanese palette, this is just regular mild hot sauce. :sweat_smile:

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