Japanese restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, groceries, etc in [Toronto]

Sanuki Udon has opened up recently downtown and is on UberEats as well. Found out later otherwise would have tried it today. Stuck with the trusty old Raku again.


Not to be mistaken but just a note that the “Sanuki Udon” downtown on Carlton St … is NOT related to the “Zen Sanuki Udon” at Scarborough. Having tried both, as well as Raku, personally I prefer Zen Sanuki Udon … despite it being a bit “far.” :slight_smile:


Ah ok good to thanks for sharing

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I’ve been to Tsuchi twice now. I like it. I think the hot food is only offered on the weekends. It is plant-based. Best fake meat and fake chicken I have ever tried.

The monthly bento:



$35 Premium Sushi set to-go from Oroshi. Open Wed to Sun.

I will be returning to Oroshi soon.

I tried the Ebi Sando at Imanishi Sando Bar last weekend. It was good but a relatively small portion . I would need 2 sandos to feel like I had a satisfying lunch. I think there were 3 shrimp in the sando.


A couple of ’ under-the-radar ’ , OMAKASE option only, authentic Japanese Sushi-Ya have opened up:

These are: Shizuku at Finch & Kennedy ( $190 - 18 pieces; $270 - 22 pieces )

Sushi Gin at Hwy#7/Commerce Gate ( $170 for 3 Otsumami, 12 Nigiri, 1 Maki, 1 Tamago, Dessert )


Our local ramen shop Oji Seichi has been featuring Ramen-Krishnan, a collaboration with the actor Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. Oji Seichi is apparently one of her favourite places to eat and she was approached about the collaboration. In consultation with Maitreyi’s mother, the result is a ramen that features Tamil flavours and a soft serve with mango.

They are only featuring this special until early March and we would definitely recommend trying the ramen at least. It is based on a chicken and crab broth, miso, and paruppu (lentil curry). We thought there was also coconut to add to the creaminess. Whatever the case, it was rich, complex, and had decent kick. The chewy noodles take up the flavour very well. The toppings include a runny egg, tender chicken, pickled ginger, green onions, bean sprouts, and tempura imitation crab (maybe the only weak link).

The vanilla soft serve came with mango and cheeni murruku cookie - nice and fun (good crunchy cookie crumble) but mango could have been stronger and tangy-er.

For drinks, we had the Japanese Highball (Suntory Toki whisky, yuzu, lemon, soda water) and Minabe Mule (Willibald Farm vodka, umeboshi, cranberries, lime, ginger beer). Both were good but maybe weren’t up to the challenge of pairing with such a strongly-flavoured soup.


A couple of years back, Oji Seichi was in my top 10 Toronto places. But they dropped the tempura dishes (which were a highlight for me). It was puzzling, as on my first visit after the tempura disappeared, I overheard anothe table also bemoaning its absence.
The gyozas are still my favourite in Toronto but the Ramen seemed middle-of-the road (I’ve tried both on their regular menu - great textures but lacked ‘zing’).
Maybe a return visit now due - although imitation crab has always been a turn-off for me.

Also puzzling that this ‘special’ isn’t on their website!


If you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you will see the Instagram posting about this ramen special. Since we live in the neighbourhood, we were just walking by and noticed a sign about it.

They have dropped some of our favourites too. The maitake sando was particularly good (if small). I agree the regular ramen is good but not special. This one is special (minus the fake crab) and I look forward to more special ones.

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I’m banned from Instagram!

I’m not on Instagram, so I can’t really see things on it. The bottom of Oji Seichi’s main webpage does post stuff from their social media that you can read without going to Instagram.

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Little Pebbles has taken over the old Aroma space on College at Euclid. It looks cute. I will stop by today.

Little Pebbles has seasonal chiffon cakes, as well as black sesame lattes, matcha lattes, etc.

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The new location of Little Pebbles on College has breakfasts, too.
And sandos.


I tried Tondou Ramen’s tonkatsu ramen and 6 pieces of chicken karaage. It was okay. Second time having their karaage and first time having their ramen. The fellas who work there are very friendly and the food is ready in 15 minutes.

I don’t have that much experience ordering restaurant ramen. I think I’ve only ordered it twice in Toronto and once in Japan. I do want to try a chicken ramen at some point.


Needed a quick meal before something at the Four Seasons Centre, so we went to Ikkousha (the pork version; the chicken version is a few doors west). Overall, very good.

Gyokai had a fish, chicken and pork broth (redolent of the dried fish), with thin slices of pork, extra-thick noodles, and menma. The noodles were done “hard” to order and I added an egg.

My wife had the Signature Tonkotsu [no pic], with original noodles, black fungus, sliced pork, spring onion, extra egg, and a scoop of spicy chia siu - should have ordered this with low salt as the spicy chia siu adds more salt.

We also tried the gyoza, which were fine, if not exceptional.

The karaage was also pretty good, with a nice kick from the pepper.


I needed a quick meal before the opera tonight.

I ordered a take-out vegan 12 Spice “Beef” Curry & Rice ($15.80) from Tsuchi. It is was generous and quite tasty. I like their Tsuchi Plate (a $27 Bento that changes every month or so) a little more.


We noticed Gushi years ago and everytime we walked by it on a pandemic stroll, we thought we should try it. So tonight we finally tried it. Overall, good, but nothing worth seeking out. The fried chicken is decent, but there are many better versions around. The version with fermented ghost peppers, maple, and hachimi did not have much detectable maple, but was otherwise the most flavourful. Takoyaki were fine, but not special. A veggie curry over purple rice was tasty, in the straight out of a package way.

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