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Sharing this video of a favorite dish at Miyako, the hot stone fried rice. I’ve also enjoyed Izakaya Wa and Izakaya Ha recently, they have great lunch specials. Bluefish on Washington and other locations has some unique items as well. I haven’t been to the venerable Kata Robata or Nobu yet, they are both very high end. And of course thanks to not do the work, we know about sushi Jin, which is awesome. I did try Uchi but did not find it terribly exceptional. However, I understand there’s a line waiting when it opens each day for happy hour due to those specials, so I’d like to try that. Any other place I should try?


As you know, I have a favorite but I’ve tried many other sushi bars around town. I too have eaten at Uchi once and Uchiko in Austin a couple of times. I think it’s great but out of my geographical sweet spot.

I am not a fan of ramen generally so I haven’t been to any of the ramen bars that have cropped up and I also haven’t been to any of the “izakaya” places although they seem infinitely more appealing to me. (I love foods on a stick!)

I would like to note that I ate at your Los Tios today and they still don’t have carnitas on the menu. Oh well. I tell you that on a Japanese cuisine thread to note that Kaneyama has apparently closed with a padlock on the door and a couple of stickers from an equipment vendor alerting the landlord that they own equipment inside. Too bad as they had been there a long time.

Walked by Aldi but didn’t venture in. It was hectic and as far as I know will still be there tomorrow.

Let’s eat!

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How on earth did spell check get that from @NotDoobieWah. Sometimes I think it hates me, it actually changes words after I review it and press send.

The carnitas are at the Flagship location of Lost Tios. I wasn’t a fan of ramen either, but then again I’d never had a real one until they rolled into Houston. The broth is so flavorful and I love the egg. I do leave most of the ramen, same with Pho. I wonder if I can just order the broth. :smiley:

I tried to order the coctel de Cameron at Mambo’s once without the frozen, farm raised micro shrimp and the girl didn’t comprehend my Spanish or the Wifeacia’s which is the real deal. No go.

El Jardin does a nice one with good sized, albeit probably farm raised shrimp.


Did the road construction claim yet another business???

In the immortal words of Roseanne Rosanadana, “nevermind.” Mr. Jin explains:

“Sorry… we still open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 10pm all day. Due to the shortage of Sushi chefs, we need to close SUNDAY BUSINESS to avoid overworked staffs. We are looking for sushi chef and try our best to reopen Sunday business as soon as possible. Again, my deep apologies for this inconvenience. Thank you :pray:

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My buddy Leo works his ass off.

An inside joke on another forum I frequent is:


But what does it mean??

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I’d tell you but I can’t trust you with the information plus I have no clue what it means.

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It means the original wording was ambiguous and open to misinterpretation.

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