Japan. It’s Great to be Back!!

No shite!! Wander by this place early this morning. Walked by a few times before we screwed up the fortitude to venture in. English menu? Haha.

Noodle master could not have been more cool. Tried to decyher the wall menu but with 7 max standing counter spots, pressure on.

Did the Meg Ryan thing. I’ll have what SHE IS having!!!

Udon on! Spied the tray of Soba. Sumimasen, Soba also!! My pronunciation of “soba” pretty darn good.

Game on!

FOMO (fear of missing out) kicked in. Side eyed folks having “supplements” left and right. Using the universal language of pointing and looking hungry, we SCORED!!!

$3.59 for a meal I will always treasure. Priceless!!


Gotta say that any RTW food-centric trip needs to build in more time for Japan. :laughing:


Next stop: Nagoya.


Missing Japanese food on a RTW trip is just not on, so I have been looking at the price of flights from Denapasar to Tokyo and then on to Bangkok instead of traveling up through Singapore like I had originally planned. DPS to Narita is just $300US in February. Narita to BKK is just $300US a week or so later.
Problem with that is that there are places I want to go to in Singapore and Malaysia. Guess I can take a train from Hua Hin to Malaysia…
Now I have to go check and see what the price of a flight from Singapore or KL to Istanbul would be.


That’s a great price!! We confirmed flight to Tokyo for February at multiples of that. This was before news of relaxation of inbound restrictions.


Does anyone remember Air Asia? We used them to puddle jump our way around SE Asia using Bangkok as our hub (and bought carbon offsets to allay my guilt). Man, those were some cheap flights.

Edited to add: they still exist! I didn’t know.


Puddle jumping from BKK, sounds great!! We’re hoping to do that using Taiwan as a base. After air fares settle down.

Intra Asia fares spiked considerably last few days since Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan relaxed.


All you can tarako? Sweet as!
By the way, the name of that horse meat place was “nekketsu tarou,” or “hot-blooded Taro” (熱血太郎), if you wanted to return.

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