January 2020 openings and closings [Boston and New England]

Boston Restaurant Talk is reporting that Moulton’s Seafood is for sale and already closed. That’s sad!

Shocked! I’ve played in the band often for over 20 years. Saddened

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this is terrible. it’s a great neighborhood restaurant and I loved their fried stuff. I also feel bad for @bcc who goes there every year!

Oh, my!
This is upsetting, because I knew that the owners had health issues. But I thought that they had been overcome. Over the years we had developed a friendship with them. I’ll miss them.

Thanks for the info.

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yeah, their move to the Garage never seemed like a great idea. (I always think of this space as the old Coffee Connection location, but that just shows how far I go back). I could never see that spot as a place where many people would go to buy high end grocery goods.

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I’m not surprised. Tried twice to go for lunch not that long ago, and the restaurant never opened.

I’m happy with my Costco EVOO, but won’t be single origin. I would try Boston Olive Oil company on Newbury Street in the Back Bay. I’ve never purchased from there myself, but it looks like the type of place where you kind find the high-end and high-quality oils.

EDIT: And on that note, I see their website also reads fine balsamic vinegar.


I have been buying Greek oil at Sophia’s North, which they decant from the big stainless jug into a bottle when you buy it. If they have the same oil at the main Sophia’s in Belmont, they’ll let you taste a swig before purchasing. We’re into our second bottle and happy. It’s my go-to for now.

My husband liked the New England Olive Oil Company in Concord though I wasn’t as enthusiastic. None of the varieties we tried from there had enough presence for me. (I can’t remember clearly enough—and can’t trace back to my original source— but seem to recall that at least a few independent olive oil shops in our area are supplied by a company called Veronica Foods?)

I was happy with the Kirkland Tuscan oil from Costco when we were members. There are some other pricer oils that I like, which therefore aren’t normal household staples (Alizari from France and Merula from Spain—Formaggio Kitchen stuff).


Per Eater, Grassona’s will be replaced by Ivory Pearl from cocktail guy Ran Duan (Baldwin Bar, Blossom Bar).

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This is my main source of EVOO as well. Specifically the 1 liter glass bottles of Kirkland signature Italian olive oil. It is better quality that what I consider day to day oilve oil, but at that price you don’t have to worry about it. I can use it in all purposes. In the summer I generally might buy a small bottle of a special finishing oil from somewhere like Formaggio for the really good tomatoes from the garden.

Yes, thanks for the reminder, their balsimic is good for every day use and the price not outrageous.


I’m sure we’ve enjoyed your music at some point then. Thank you!

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We think alike! Having a staple olive oil + a finishing oil in the pantry is what works for us too.

P.S. We don’t buy salad dressing as a result. And that is how I justify my fancy oil when I buy some.


Absolutely! Some good olive oil and a jar of dijon mustard obviates the need for bottled salad dressing for me.


I currently have a bottle of olive oil from Salt & Olive that indeed says “Supplied by Veronica Foods”. I would love to know what other area stores are supplied by them, as I really liked one of the oils we got at Salt & Olive. I will miss that store!


@nonaggie, you would need to verify this with the stores but my hunch is that Boston Olive Oil Company, New England Olive Oil Company (Concord) could be among those supplied by Veronica Foods.

Possible leads but not verified by me.


The bottles look the same


@tomatotomato, thanks for the tip. I just looked at their websites, and New England Olive Oil Company has the oil I liked (a Picual from Oro Bailen), so I think you’re right that they’re also supplied by Veronica Foods. (But the listing on their website says the oil was crushed in October 2017, which is rather old at this point. Perhaps the site is just out of date. Anyway, I will definitely check them out when I’m in need of a new bottle of oil.)


99 Ranch Market opens in Quincy on January 18 at 9 AM, says their ad in The Boston Globe.

Address: 475 Hancock Street, Quincy MA 02171


Yeah, I posted about this a few weeks ago. :slight_smile:

My mom actually popped in on Wednesday, when they had a soft opening. My mom speaks very little English. My mom definitely said it feels like a “Western supermarket” (I suppose she means it’s cleaner, the layout is more organized, etc.). She bought a fish, and was offered to have this fried up at no cost so my mom gave it a try. Apparently this fry service is free.

I tried her fried fish, and while the fry job was fine, it had no seasoning - just the whole fish dunked in. May be of limited use if you’re there buying whole fish, but it is nice to at least have that option.


^ Plus thanks to you and your Mom, now there’s already intel on the board about 99 Ranch!


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