Janie's Life-Changing Baked Goods [Manhattan][NYC]

We recently lost a good friend who lived on the [UWS] . Last fall she brought a bag of pastries to meetings from a neighbor’s pastry business. “Janie” sells her pie crust cookies with various fruit fillings out of several locations in the city as well as online.

Firm rather than crumbling or flaking apart, these have a rich buttery pastry shell enclosing a fairly intense fruit filling (apple and other). It reminded me of a mating of my favorite american pie qualities with french pastry making, including some caramelization. My daughter was just talking about kouign amann and it prompted a search for the address. Definitely worth checking out if you are near the locations and like these flavors. https://janiebakes.com/

I had forgotten about these folks, and didn’t realize they had multiple locations now.

Looks good, I will have to remember for the next time I’m taking dessert somewhere.


thnx, but you may want to re-post on the nyc board also

sorry, @Richb51, Am I missing something here? the original post was made on NYC .

Wow, almost literally around the corner from me; I’ll definitely check it out!

On the Kouign-amann front: I picked up one from the Frenchette bakery when I was serving jury duty in lower Manhattan this week. Yum!

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