Jane, the Bakery Geary@Fillmore, SF

Located in a tiny strip mall with minimum PARKING, Jane Bakery is turning out some very find breads and pastry. Highly recommend. https://www.itsjane.com/location/jane-the-bakery/


Photos of their bread offerings are spectacular.

They have a buckwheat pain au chocolat that I get whenever I see it. Uploading: 73DDEF4F-5FF1-497E-9A4B-78050035131C.jpeg…

Do you have any favorites among its offerings?

Ham and cheese and spicy sausage and provolone croissants. Spicy sausage was a tad overbooked, daughter said the ham and cheese was excellent. Also had almond cake which was quite good. They really have a large variety of pastries and breads, so I think you need to probably spend sometime to figure out what their best items are. Not specialists like Arsicault or B Patisserie and I didn’t find Jane at their level - but again they make a lot of different things and some of the non traditional pastry combinations sounded interesting.


I’m a big fan of the chicken schawarma sandwich. It’s kinda like a curry chicken sandwich. But for $12 you get a sandwich with real meats served on real homemade crusty bread. Most places around town that serve $12 sandwich use the same boring lunch meats on the same boring breads.
I usually take it and put it in the toaster open faced.
They have a good ginger cookie too. Their cookies, though $4, are insanely large.


Good tip - $12 constitutes a bargain sandwich price in SF these days!

Their California levain is my favorite loaf in the city. I had a spinach turnover the other day and it was stupidly delicious. I find all of their croissants to be a nice counterpoint to arsicault’s, in that they’re nearly as flaky but more sourdough-y and less buttery. Their scones are the only things I’ve not enjoyed all that much.


This weekend they had an outstanding rye pretzel. Nigella seeds built on the malty pretzel flavor to take on some smokey vibes.

The selection is daunting and I’m not sure I’ve had anything I’d give a thumbs down to, but their cookies are sweeter than my preference.

Their more complicated sandwiches on ciabatta are a good bet— I recall liking their cauliflower sandwich better than the one at otherwise exceptional Palm City. The simpler sandwiches, on sliced bread, like the roast beef, are the best choice for kids.


OK this is a dangerous, calorie-laden path this thread is leading me down as my daughter’s school is 2 blocks from Jane and I drive her in on Fridays.
Ham and Cheese croissant - I didn’t get a bite, quiche was just OK, nothing to recommend. Picked up a burrata and prosciutto ciabatta for lunch.


Pistachio and olive twist.
I enjoyed this, but now having tried half a dozen pastry items I wouldn’t put them in the top tier of SF pastries. The sandwich last week was really good though and I’m still going to try their breads which look great.


My experience with Jane the Bakery is that the bread options are where they shine! I’m less a fan of any of their pastries (unless bread-based).

I really enjoy the following:
Olive Polenta loaf
Fig & Walnut loaf
Ancient Grains loaf


Their huge cookies are super good. Chewy and moist but still crispy at the edges. They are my son’s favorite.

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I really LOVE that pistachio and olive twist thing, and the prosciutto/burrata on ciabatta sandwich. Their baguettes are pretty good. I’ve found most of their sweet pastries good but not memorable - definitely not on the same level as the greats, as mentioned above, but satisfying. Their cookies are maybe better than average. I like that they always have a huge variety of stuff. Their parking lot never seems to have a single open space (except for the ones allocated for the other businesses).