Jamie Oliver's restaurants are $100 million in debt

Looks like Jamie needs some help, maybe he can call up Gordon?

I once went to “Jamie’s Italian” in Manchester. Never felt the need to go back.

My review on Chowhound - https://www.chowhound.com/post/manchester-city-centre-jamies-italian-838570

The closure of some 30% of the total is significant evidence of a company in trouble. I see, from your link that three of them are in Bristol, Harrogate and Kingston. The latter two are wealthy areas and Bristol is a well known foody city. It’s probably a matter of customers voting with their feet.

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If those locations are in wealthier areas, I’m sure rent costs are much higher too. Since they can’t price the food too much higher, those locations are probably the ones losing the most money.

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I would pay-per-view that!

Take my money!


I like the way you use your words.

My morning newspaper notes that, last year, he closed all branches of his Union Jack restaurant and closed his food magazine which had been published for 10 years. It follows the 2015 closure of his cookery school chain.

Looks like he is in much trouble, like Ramsay.

I bought his magazine once (French edition Nº1, back in 2013), found it alright but not too different compared to the other food magazines targeted at “easy cooking”. I think his products don’t live up to his identity. Much of the purchase is just one-off, include going to restaurant.

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I agree. Whoever runs his marketing is world class.

I recall going to a national food show not long after he started to become famous as the “Naked Chef”. There were quite a few cookbook authors there, including several with TV programmes. As is customary at such appearances by authors, they were autographing books that folk had purchased. Not Oliver though. Or, at least, not as such. As I recall, You had to not only buy the book but pay an additional £5 to get him to sign it. Needless to say, we didnt bother - not even buying the book.

Wow that’s a high debt they’ve got. Is it possible to afford it as well? However the higher they’ve got the higher they can fall since the taxes are rising and government can’t forgive the debts even if we are paying on time. I already had the same situation when I wanted to create a small business with a huge loan. However when I did it, I didn’t knew that I can lose my money so easily (taxes growed on a few percentage). I decided to sell my business and take another loan to return the money back. However one day some guys from personal debt collection came to me and asked for the money. I was a little shocked and decided to solve the problems quickly. Thanks government!

No. The group went bust last year.