Jamesburg New Jersey restaurants

I had a long run in Freehold and found many gems there. I was lucky to have Frankie Fed’s as my local pizza delivery joint. I was there on opening night for Aarzu. When my kids were small we would often take advantage of the $20 Combo Don Pepe at their place on Main street. But all thing end and the house in Freehold now belongs to a new, young couple.

I moved to a small condo in Monroe.

It looks big from the outside right? Actually the Make a Wish Foundation now my neighbor. And so I get off my rambling and onto the topic of this post. I am very close to Jamesburg and to my delight there is a branch of Don Pepe here! Apparently the original location even. Sure, the combo is now up to $27, but still a great meal and a bargain.

It looks like there are a bunch of restaurants, especially along E Railroad Ave, including not one, but two Dominican restaurants. Also I’ve heard mixed things about Fiddleheads. I recently enjoyed a lunch at a nearby Indian restaurant, Mrs. Kumar’s but I wasn’t thrilled with a later breakfast I had there. Although, I was excited by a local Indian breakfast option so I may go back and try something else.

I know, I know, it’s all about Monmouth County, but is there anyone who lives near Jamesburg, or eats there regularly and can help steer me right?


Been a long while since I last visited, but Taqueria Maria’s had solid Mexican at a very reasonable price. Especially enjoyed the mole enchiladas. Happy eating!


Plus one for Taqueria Marias. As I was reading your post that was going to be my suggestion.


Congrats on your new digs (even if the lawn upkeep is going to be a giant PITA…)!


There’s an Indian place along 33 that was very popular pre covid. Not too far from your taco spot

Also a Greek place in Monroe. I wish I remembered the name but it got good reviews.

Wish I could be more help but my info is prob 3 years old at best now

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Only six miles

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Lol’ing at Burke’s place - thanks @coldbeer70 for the laugh. And others have also mentioned Taqueria Maria so tyvm @jsfein and @BossaNova The Indian place on Rt 33 is The Chozhas https://www.thechozhas.com/ I’m sure I will eventually try it, ty @Metsfan86

So, I ended up visiting Railroad Ave in the nice weather yesterday. Our plan was to eat at Don Pepe if nothing else struck our fancy. We had barely set out walking when we saw this:

I briefly panicked thinking they were not open yet, but we pressed on. Just past the generic Romeo’s pizza was Fiddleheads. They are only open for dine-in for dinner but had a “grab n go” of some of their food available for lunch.

Some places were closed, possibly because it was Good Friday but The Diner ( kudos on the creative name ;o) looked good. We ended up eating at the still-open, original location of Don Pepe. I’ve written them up enough so I won’t bore you with details except the Combo Don Pepe was as good and huge as always. I have so much leftovers that today will be a Great Saturday ;o)

The interesting place, right next to Don Pepe and Dunkin looked like it may have been a pizza joint in a previous incarnation. It’s now called Jersey Kabob. Love me some meat on a stick so I grabbed a paper menu:

Looks like I may have to try a few of these soon. But the real kicker was these dishes at the bottom of this page of their menu:

I had to google karahi to find out it is a Pakistani curry-ish dish. And, of course, they even make one of them with lamb chops! Oh boy.


OOOH…looks like you opened the portal!!

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Well, the local greasy spoon Is the Manalapan Luncheonette which has good cheap breakfast & burgers. Gyro King & Grill on rt2 27 in Franklin Park is good for breakfast. The Franklin Park Diner is good for breakfast. There’s a new place right in Jamesburg heat a friend raves about but I forget the name. I’ll check. Breakfast, remarkable hamburgers & excellent fried chicken at boheme foods, boot 49 in the red building at the Englishtown flea of market (Saturdays & Sundays only)


I do remember this burger place in Jamesburg I visited quite a while ago. Only been there once but had a good enough impression that I still remember the name:

There’s another Indian I drove by a million times but never tried:


I work in the area and while I think a number of places are serviceable, there’s nothing I would recommend for anyone’s bucket list except Teddy’s in Cranbury, more for it being an iconic downtown landmark than the food.

Ciro’s is the usual for company lunches. Standard Italian fare and nothing ever wowed me. I prefer the company’s alternate Italian spot, Carlucci’s in West Windsor.

Bovine Burger has a distinct lack of flavor imo. I check in with them maybe once a year to see if anything has changed.

Zinna’s Bistro might be worth checking out. They recently moved into a corporate complex, taking over the deli/cafeteria space and doing their best to make it look homey. I still feel aura of the former failed businesses there.

Chef Jason opened in the former Zinna’s spot, and twice I tried going for lunch but nobody ever came out to greet me.


In June 2019, we got together with another couple (former neighbors) who had moved to a condo in Monroe. On their recommendation, we had lunch at Faros, a Greek restaurant. The food was well-prepared and delicious. Good service and pleasant ambiance. It’s a BYO.

Here are my photos: Faros Greek Cuisine | Flickr


Still eating my way through town. Today is was Sabor Dominicano I was just passing by, already having gotten lunch elsewhere and thought I’d poke my head in for a menu. Like most other eateries they are short-staffed so I walked around and saw they had two rooms - a sit-down dining room and a room with a steam table at one end and more casual chairs and tables.

I was noticing how good the oxtails looked when this came out:

I love pernil, and those pieces of crispy skin were calling to me so I got some to go.

So good.


Couple more places Taberna is a geek spot, & Brandon’s is a new Italian spot highly recommended by a friend of mine.


Quick update - Jersey Kabobs is horrible!!! I got a recommended combo with chicken and lamb kabobs. The lamb was inedible - dry and flavorless. The chicken was better - juicy and flavorless. Give me two minutes in Asian Foods Market and I could buy a better spice mix and marinade. Once Don Pepe moves there will be no reason short of Dunkin to ever go back to that plaza.


Don Pepe is moving?

Just up the street a few blocks

Bumping this one up given that I find myself every couple weeks or so at the Monroe sports club right by your neighborhood castle these days. Sadly it looks like Taberna closed. What’s the halls on good eats This way these days? Da

faros and don Pepe look like good options that are still going strong

Perhaps, Fiddleheads? We haven’t been there in ages, but whenever we ate there, the food was very good.

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I just heard Fiddleheads is closing next week

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