James White Ltd - a round of applause

Regular readers may recall that I don’t drink alcohol. So, I’m always on the lookout for things to drink at dinner that are not sugary, fizzy things. And some while back I came across James White Ltd - which sells single variety apple juices - like the one made with Bramleys that I buy online.

So, I’d ordered a dozen bottles a couple of weeks ago. They come in boxes of six, so two were despatched. The courier firm confirmed they’d got them. But only one box arrived.

I emailed James White and got a prompt response saying that they would investigate and, in the meantime, they would send another box. Three days passed and then the courier delivered the original second box. I emailed James White telling them this and saying there was no need for a replacement. Then the replacement box also arrived, so I emailed them again asking what I should do. Return it or pay for it. Got a reply saying I should keep the box “as an apology for the delays” with the order. Which I reckon is damn good customer service.