Jamaica Jeff's Belmont

Jamaica Jeff’s Belmont opened very recently and I tried two jerk dishes today and the jerk was very good with a nice lingering heat. By mistake, I got a quarter breast and it was tender and juicy. The pork was also very good and really tender.


Really good intel, thanks!

Gorgeous plate.

Hey Ferrari, did you notice if they have goat stew? I’ll be heading over there soon anyway, but if they’ve got some spicy goat, I’ll make a point of going even sooner!

The menu is on their FB page. No goat stew.

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lol the next time you’re in there someone please tell Jeff that “rice and peas” doesn’t literally mean rice with green peas

My daughter and I had lunch here recently. The menu is limited, but has some strong things on it. Their fried plantains are very good – a beautiful, caramelized brown on the outside, with nice crisp ends. The conch fritters were tasty, although I could have used slightly less fritter and more conch. (The over-use of filler is a common, and understandable occurrence from crab cakes to corn fritters: it keeps costs down and the fritter/cake together.) We also got the rice and peas (as observed above, literally rice and green peas, although ours also had carrots), some jerk sausage, and grilled tomatoes with mozzarella. (I’m not sure of the Jamaican origins of this last dish, but my daughter cannot pass up tomatoes and mozzarella at any restaurant.) Their jerk sauce skews to the sweet, but from hearing other diners order later, you can apparently ask them to up the heat level. In any case the jerk sausage was good, but I think I’ll get the pork next time.

I asked about goat. They say they are just getting started and are trying to get the Belmontese slowly accustomed to food that may be unusual to them. They offer specials advertised on their FB page. A recent oxtail weekend was a success, a salt-fish one less so. They say they have plans to run a goat&roti weekend.


Reflecting on JJ’s, and on reviewing its FB page, it isn’t clear whether the place represents Jamaican food or some expats idea of Jamaican food. If you read @Ferrari328’s account on his/her blog you’ll get a flavor of what the place looks like and of the owner. I intend to return and eat more there, and I’ll try to say more when I do.

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