JakeaBob's Bay (Union Beach) (NJ)

JakeaBob’s has rebooted (and re-envisioned) itself after Sandy. The owners seem to be taking climate change seriously, and decided not to rebuild the same large structure as before. The new JakeaBob’s is entirely outdoor seating, the only enclosed parts are a shed, the kitchen, and the rest rooms–and the latter two are in trailers that can be hailed away if a major storm is predicted. (For lesser storms, they would just take down the umbrellas and awnings and moe them and the chairs in the shed.

One result of the all “al fresco” dining is that they are open only in the summer, and only in good weather. One result of the small kitchen is a more limited menu than I remember from the old restaurant. And for whatever reason the prices seem a bit high for what is basically a food truck.

(I might have liked the outside dining more had the railings not been so high. As it is, a six-foot-tall guy might have had a nice view of the water and the New York skyline; I had a view of the railing.)

We both got fish and chips. The fish wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t British. The “chips” were ordinary French fries; they weren’t British chips. And Heinz malt vinegar isn’t British either (though expecting them to have Sarson’s just for one item on the menu may be asking too much). Maybe I’m expecting too much, but something billed as “fish and chips” should be British fish and chips, not just fried fish and French fries.

We used to go to JakeaBob’s every summer, and it was where we went when we returned from Canada on 09/17/01, but its new incarnation just doesn’t work for me. YMMV.


Have not been there since before Sandy wrecked them. I don’t remember the food ever being standout, but it was decent enough, and of course eating out on a pier was very special.

I have since stayed away. Not a fan of paying high prices for what you alluded to is essentially food truck grub.

Looks like they overhauled their menu. They even have a seafood tower which includes 2 pounds of shrimp, among other things. Might have to finally give them another try.

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Wait. This place is called JakeaBob’s? Am I the only one who finds that BIZARRE?

They have been there 20 years (this year is actually the 20th anniversary). I think the original owners were a Jake and a Bob. They used to actually have a full service restaurant before it was wiped out. Well, it has been wiped out twice now. Last I remember, they have a structure for a tiki bar but cooking is done in a large trailer.

Used to be the Sandbar Inn WAY BACK in the day. I remember eating there once when I was small. It was cozy and old-timey, the kind of place I miss.


I haven’t been in many years but I recall the food was half decent. There aren’t too many places where you can be stuck out on the raritan bay on a dock.

For the chilled seafood tower, are bbq shrimp just cold shrimp with bbq sauce, or am I missing something? Usually bbq and cold don’t go together, but I guess you never know. The price seems fair if the seafood is decent. That would cost like 130 at char.

Since it says “Louisiana BBQ”, I’m expecting it to be cold and in some kind of rub/seasoning.

I think you’re right. We will have to send in jr to investigate! That is a lot of shrimp for the money but he can polish that off with no problem.

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Isn’t this the place that was serving food out of a food truck? Mostly sandwiches like a cubano? I thought I remember you or someone going and complaining the food portion vs. price ratio was a bit off? Funny thing is I just drove by this place about 2 weeks ago as I got a bit lost/twisted on my navigating after seeing a client in the area.

@CurlzNJ why is the name bizarre?

@gcaggiano I don’t really have much to say to you but I didn’t want you to feel left out of the tagging so, Hey Greg what’s up buddy?


JakeaBob’s did have a brick-and-mortar restaurant with the pier (that currently exists) but it was wrecked during Irene. Then it was rebuilt and wrecked again during Sandy. In the last few years, yes, they have cooked out of a food truck. Their prices were always on the high side, but when its coming out of a food truck, that’s when I stopped going (though I was tempted to hit their lively tiki bar.

I have not driven by in a while. I spoke to the owner via chat last night looking for some intel for a blog post I was writing. They plan on opening soon, they are just waiting on a new refrigeration unit. Maybe they have built a structure since I last passed by.

JakeaBob? You don’t think that’s weird?? Sounds like a naming convention used in the back woods somewhere…

Jakeabobs has happy hour on Fridays with half off jackfruit for female jackalopes. No I’m not jacking.



The Jakeabob’s burger was pretty good.

Whatever you do, for the love of god, do not EVER EVER order wings here. Absolutely atrocious. They are batter fried and served with an inedible amount of hot sauce. I had to wipe off the sauce with napkins. I couldn’t finish the wings. And I NEVER leave wings unfinished.


The name is a combo of the owner’s sons’ names.