Jade Garden - Seattle - dim sum


Yet another place where we’ve been eating for many years. The last time we were here we felt it had declined a tad but this time loved everything we got. Got there at 915AM and they were busy but not full.

We started with chicken feet - there’s are very, very good. So tender they fall apart in your mouth.

Then in no particular order we had tofu skin stuffed with pork and vegetables.

Spare ribs with black bean sauce.

Rice flour rolls stuffed with beef (we prefer beef to the shrimp)

We also got a second order of chicken feet to go as we’ve found that they MW quite well. All in about $20. So highly recommend this place.


Oops, forgot my favorite photo - chicken feet bones :slight_smile:

Back today and everything was perfect!

In addition to the above dishes we also had

Sui mai (we hadn’t had that in years but someone else’s look really good so we got and they were.) Shrimp

And beef tripe.

BTW, we were planning on going to Dim Sum House but, upon checking, they’re closed on Weds.

Six dishes with tea $21.

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