Jacques Pépin’s Food Memories (New York Times)

Monsieur Pepin- thank you for a wonderfully written essay. A kind man and a gentle soul.


Lovely! thanks for posting this.

I really enjoyed it - very sweet.

Reminder: This weekend’s CreateTV marathon is 6hrs of Pepin shows.

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I’ve been delighted to recently find some of his recipes on Pinterest. Years ago, I wasn’t much of a
cook when I lived near NYC for most of my life. Here in England for 12 years, I’ve really become quite the foodie in comparison to back then. It’s been enjoyable trying dishes I wouldn’t have done before. I did watch his shows on TV… lovely man. Thanks for the link.

‘Affective memory’- the article explains so well why aroma and taste bring back such strong memory from fond memories from the past…!

Fans of JP who haven’t already read his delightful memoir, “The Apprentice”, really should. It’s an engaging autobiography, with a few recipes sprinkled in, and a variety of old photos. He is self-effacing about his achievements, and never self-indulgent about the many challenges he’s endured.

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JP is a guest on this week’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” - times vary from one public radio station to another. Clearly, he thoroughly enjoyed doing the show, and was, as always, self-effacingly charming.

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The man is unfailingly a class act. I loved the essay and sent it to Mrs. O’s email, keeping a copy for myself. And I will get that new book!


I just love him! I’m going to get his book Apprentice and read it as well.

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This piece also serves as the perfect counter argument to the Soylent lifestyle.

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Love Jacques . He is a total class act . His show is on PBS every weekday and on Saturday . I have watched his show over and over again . I don’t know how many years now . It never gets old to me . Friday is his birthday . I will pick a recipe from his book this Saturday to make .

JP’s Christmas Day post: “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good bite!”

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