Jacques Pepin on CBS

The 11/24 episode of CBS Sunday Morning includes a segment with Jane Pauley accompanying Chef Pepin in the grocery store and his Connecticut kitchen. I assume this is the CBSSM annual food show.


Thanks for the heads up. One of my favorites!

He’s still going strong! Working for Howard Johnson I did not know.

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Thanks for the reminder or I would’ve missed it. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Cute clip with Julia when she said she washed her chicken with hot water. Then Jacques with a gleam in his eye said he didn’t wash chicken. Made me smile.


Too little Jacques, too many eating videos. Chewing sounds are repellent to me (I learned a while back that this is a recognized condition called midophonia), and even muting the TV, watching the eaters was equally unpleasant, akin to the famous scene in the film, Tom Jones.

Living in New England, I doubt I’ll have the opportunity, but breadfruit sounds appealing and I’d be curious to try it.

M. Pépin is a culinary hero to me. The man is a human Cuisinart. Any time I start to feel cocky about my knife skills I watch some of his videos to humble myself. I learn something every time. My standards for consistency and speed are driven by what he does so easily. Other celebrity chefs get more attention. M. Pépin simply gives us great things and great skills.


Yesterday on Facebook, he posted a photo of a blackboard. It read that if you boil a funnybone, you get a laughingstock. The quip was credited to “Humerus” .

Turn it into a riddle for your holiday guests, if dinner conversation threatens to become fraught.