Jackson’s Kitchen [Mass Ave, Lexington (near Arlington line), MA]

This small takeout place (with about 4 seats for eating in) has really tasty, good value basics as long as you are not trying to feed a vegetarian. Their steak tips and lamb tips dinners (each with rice pilaf, grilled veggies and a salad) are cooked to order and reliably good; their sandwiches have good quality ingredients and they bake the French rolls they use for subs each morning; their meatballs (available in a sub, on pasta or in a container to take home) are very good; their salads are always super-fresh and feature an excellent house vinaigrette and the grilled protein options to go on the salads are an amazing value (the $3 grilled chicken option yielded a full chicken breast, perfectly grilled and beautifully sliced atop my salad; the $4 steak tip option is generous, beautifully charred but with plenty of pink as ordered). Their soups are also very good. This is not destination food but if you live, work or shop nearby it is a great option owned and run by very nice people. Winter before last with all the snow it was the snowplow drivers’ lunch favorite. The only negative is that they don’t have much of anything to offer vegetarians, so it is not a good option for feeding a family of mixed eaters.

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I used to live a couple of blocks from there when I was a kid. I think that place was a sub/pizza joint back in the 70’s.
Thanks for bringing back fond memories!

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Thanks for the review. I have bookmarked this place for a visit.

@Ferrari328, no linen napkins, though, not that kind of place at all :grin: