Jack's Coal-Fired Pizza [Burlington MA]

We headed to the Bauer “Own the Experience” hockey shop today to look at skates for spring onion (gotta start them young, I say! And the shop is pretty awesome but no skates small enough for his tiny feet) and we grabbed lunch beforehand at Jack’s. It was a good experience - not the best pizza we’ve ever had but it fit the bill on this cold day. Very kid-friendly, pleasant enough space with TVs tuned into sports (ESPN and never-ending reports of the Patriots “rift”). We got a 1/2 white clam and 1/2 forager (wild mushroom white pie) coal-fired pie (they also offer 12" wood-fired pizza). They were out of bacon and subbed in pork belly, which is too rich for B’s taste, but the manager nicely discounted the pizza (of course, we tipped on the original amount). I like a bit more char and I have a head cold, so my taste buds are a little off, but we both enjoyed the pizza. B did miss the smokiness that bacon lends to a clam pizza. But even picky spring onion enjoyed my mushroom pie. Smiley service and decent beers and wines so we’ll definitely return.


I haven’t been there yet, but I enjoyed my visit to the Reading location.

Oh, thanks for the report, digga. I’ve been curious about this place and will give it a try soon on Monday cheapish-date night.

You may be confusing Jack’s in Burlington with Anthony’s in Reading.

Same owners.

My husband, son and I went a few days ago and enjoyed it. My husband and I split a coal-fired polpetta (16" - meatball, ricotta caramelized onions) with some added banana peppers. The crust, which was a bit thicker than I expected, held up fairly well to the heavy toppings. My veggie son loved his wood-fired Forager’s (12" - caramelized onions, wild mushrooms, ricotta and gruyere.) They each enjoyed a Jack’s Abbey Lefthand Stout and a Founder’s Red Eye and I had a reasonably priced J Lohr Cab. Our server was very good. He said the wood oven was left over from Papa Razzi, so they cook the smaller pizzas in there and the larger in the coal oven. It wasn’t life-changing pizza, but just a nice casual meal and we’ll be back. Next time we’ll order a more sparsely-topped pie.

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