Jack In The Box Tiny Tacos dilemma

We almost never do national chain fast food but were introduced to JITB Tiny Tacos late one night recently. (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) The regular version are nice and crispy, and pretty darn tasty, especially with added salsa, sour cream, guac. But…. this last venture was with the ‘loaded’ version, which came topped with cheese sauce, shredded lettuce, and salsa…… making them go limp. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!

Does anyone have any experience with maybe ordering the loaded version to be packed with the topping separated, or some other way of avoiding the problem? TIA

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In my considered opinion, the Tiny Tacos are inferior in almost all ways to the full size version. The loaded version, as you saw, go limp and squishy. The unloaded versions, while still crisp, lack the american cheese melted into the meat and the lettuce crunch.

Besides, the regular tacos are 2 for $.99, and do you REALLY want more JitB tacos than that, in ANY form?

Well…… that fateful night was an introduction only to Tiny Tacos. Full size may be the answer next time. Is the taste the same? Thanks.

The taste of the Sysco ground meat product taco filling is exactly the same, yes. It immediately makes me flash back to school-cafeteria tacos, and the taco meat you used to get at the Sizzler salad bar.

IMO that half melted american cheese is what really puts it over the top. You get the crispy shell edges and the soft squishy middle where all the meat’s been packed. A textural feast for the inevitably stoned consumer.



In my late night Jack experience, and so long as I’m eating something deep fried which the tacos are in their entirety, I would go for door number three which is the jalapeno poppers. I save my jack in the box tacos for the free ones when the lakers or clippers win and hold the opponent below 100 points…ie never!

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Now THERE’s a ringing endorsement! And yet…… we indulge.


Got to admit the JiTB taco (the 2 for 99¢ variety) is a terrible taco… but I have always loved them, much more so than the tiny or monster versions.

Could be childhood memories, but there is just something yum about them.

No one disagrees with this. They are, objectively, awful. Greasy, bland fat bombs rescued only by mid-grade hot sauce packets. But there’s some weird quality to them that, every now and then, mean you must have them, and no substitute will suffice.

Probably just a lot of MSG.

Eat them quicker.

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Hmmmm. I guess that makes sense. It’s a full 5 minutes from my nearest JITB drive thru to home. :thinking:

Wait, what?? You take JITB drive-thru orders home to eat?

I don’t think I have ever eaten any JITB food, much less of the drive-thru variety, home to eat. Usually scarfed down standing outside the car.


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Yes, we call them “fake tacos” in our household, although they’re always consumed in the car. They’re bad, but tasty. I sometimes request extra cheese, and also prefer them with Del Taco sauce which I keep handy for this, rather than the JITB packets. One other addition (thanks to @Ns1 from the other board) is to dip them in ranch sauce. I find that 2 regular tacos plus an order of 7 jalapeno poppers (also dipped in ranch sauce, of course) makes for a great, if unbalanced quick meal.