Jack Daniel's plans for $140 million distillery expansion

From thedrinksbusiness.com: Jack Daniel’s has confirmed plans for a $140 million expansion of its distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee

The multi-million investment will be used to construct two new barrelhouses and modify and expand the distillery’s existing bottling facility to provide additional bottling and shipping capacity to meet future demand. The expansion will also involve renovations to the distillery’s visitor centre, which last year received more than 275,000 guests.

“The bourbon and American whiskey category is booming, and we appreciate the support of our Tennessee state and economic development officials as we work to meet global demand for Jack Daniel’s,” said Larry Combs, SVP general manager of Jack Daniel’s Supply Chain. “We are especially proud that this second expansion announcement comes as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Jack Daniel Distillery, America’s Oldest Registered Distillery.”

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Speaking of vistor centre, we’ll guess that the majority of visitors do not realize Lynchburg is in a dry county; the post-tour refreshment served us was lemonade. Nearby Shelbyville is a nice stop.


My favorite “factoid” about Jack Daniel’s . . .

Jack Daniel’s black label used to be 90 proof. The cheap Green Label, 80 proof. Quietly Black Label went to 86 proof, then to 80 proof. Same price.
Now you have to purchase Single Barrel if you want real whiskey. Of course it’s twice the price.
Eff Jack Daniel’s.

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Not many people remember the Green label. Not only was it 80° proof (40% abv), as opposed to 90° proof (45% abv) versus the Black, but it also never had the word “Old” in the label, as in “Old No. 7 Brand” on Jack Black. The Green label simply said “No. 7 Brand.”


Wild Turkey 101 has always worked well as everyday bourbon here.


The Green label was actually whiskey that didn’t meet the quality standards to be sold as the Black, it was then diluted down to 80 proof and bottled as the Green label.

BoneApp, yes, Turkey 101 is also my standard bourbon.

This might be your kind of lineup:


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Nice selections.

Unfortunately I am old enough to remember JD Green & 90 proof old number 7.

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JD a little soother but WT 101 with a couple cubes works for me.

Like Makers Mark, a 1/5 of JD has jumped several dollars over the last couple of years. I keep it in the bar for guests who must but IMHO its no longer the bargain it used to be, especially at 80 proof.

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And you remember when the Wild Turkey 101 label said 8 years. though it’s not the same as JD dilution or cereal package getting lighter within the same box.

Age statements are dropping fast. Elijah Craig is no longer 12 yrs old. Just one of the many to drop the age as they use younger whiskey. Notice the prices haven’t gone down!

Love the Distillery and glad they’re so successful. Just hope they leave that beautiful cold spring alone, along with Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House!

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