J.San Sushi & Market, 3665 Steeles Ave E “** - **Make your own Chirashi



Yet another relatively new sushi place adopting a ‘ variation-on-the-same-theme ‘ business model by taking certain attractive aspects of Taro-Fish, Cho-San Sushi, Hana-Don, Ai Sushi….etc and combining them.

Chinese run! To me, the only real stand-out point was that, instead of Mandarin being spoken, Cantonese seemed to be the dominating dialect in this pseudo-Nipponese place!! Ha! 😂🥹Chefs, working at the sushi counter and back-of-house, do not wear masks!!☹️

Presentation wise, packaging was more up-scale than most of your run-of-the-mill sushi take-out joints. Choices of products/toppings were pretty diverse and varied. Some higher-end and exotic options being offered. Overall, the quality was decent and fairly fresh. Borderline value-for-money…stingy on higher-end products! For raw products, slightly more appealing than J-Town across the road!

If one happens to be in the neighborhood, this is an okay place for some acceptable sit-down sushi or take-out. However, to me, not distinctive enough of a destination worthy of a special trip or detour.