J.J Bitting Brewery (Woodbridge, NJ)

A review I wrote last month. Great place to hang out.


Where do you go when you have a craving for quesadillas? Why, the J.J. Bitting Brewing Company, of course! All kidding aside, this was the first time I had eaten here in over two years. When I worked in Perth Amboy once upon a time ago, coworkers and I were here at least once a month. It was a great place to hang out: awesome homemade beer in a cool building with more than competent food. When I had friends coming in from afar, I would usually take them to Bitting’s. Then, right around my last couple times going, I noticed a dip in quality. As detailed in this positive but lukewarm review of restaurants I had eaten at before I started this blog, the last straw was a nasty Chicken Piccatta that came served floating in grease. The service had also suffered—pushing drinks and rushing you into oblivion. Putting fond memories aside, I bid farewell to J.J Bitting’s. Until last month.

I had just finished up day one of moving. I was exhausted. I wanted to go to dinner with my mom and for some reason, this place came to mind. After such a long time, I have no idea why. Maybe it was the familiarity and a touch of nostalgia in these uncertain and hectic times. We arrived after a 20 minute drive. I am not exaggerating when I say the dining experience which followed was the best I ever had at this location, and was damn near perfect. Everything from the food and drinks to the service.

They start you off with complimentary chips and salsa. I browsed through the beer menu and went with my usual, the Victoria Golden Ale. Light, crisp, and refreshing, it aids the consumption of one too many tortilla chips. I was delighted to see they still carry Tiger Sauce on their tables. This is an extremely mild and slightly sweet hot sauce that I was first exposed to at Bitting’s when I was a child. It has been a favorite ever since.

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I’ve had some good nights there! I can’t say I remember much of the food though. This was years and years ago. I wish we had something like that locally. I wish kane or carton would open up some type of cool pub and serve decent food.

Is there any word on whether triumph is going to open up in red bank? I doubt it, but that would be a welcome addition to RB.

It’s been discussed for years, but this Feb. '18 article claims “soon”:


I had dinner at the Triumph in Princeton 2 weeks ago - beer was good, food was dismal.

Yeah the food isn’t the greatest but I have only been to the new hope one.

It would just be cool to have a brewery in RB. Competition makes people put out better beer.

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