Izikaya Hi - West Houston

I popped into the newly opened Izikaya Hi for lunch and dined solo at the sushi bar. The restaurant is on far west Westheimer near Dairy Ashford, and a block from a Peruvian restaurant I’d like to try called La Gutarra con Sazon.

I wasn’t all that adventurous and ordered the sashimi bento lunch box. Most serve tuna and salmon and yellowtail is the third fish for sashimi combos. This place had tuna and salmon, but I don’t know what the third fish was. They called it sea bass, and it was amazing. It tasted like butter. Plus it had fish roe and green onions on top. I would like 3 portions of that please. On the other hand, the tuna was tasteless and the salmon average.

For dessert I got the appetizer crab and cream cheese puffs, because I can. There were 5 small but flavorful puffs.

They say they are open with karaoke until 2 a.m. on weekends, I’ll have to take their word on that.

Sure, I’ll be back.


Izzy Hi is located in the space that housed the original Sylvia’s Kitchen. She operated out of there for twenty years at least. Then there was a nouveau taco place there for a few months before Izzy Hi opened.

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I was actually looking for that taco joint some months ago when I found it gone and this place building out the space still. I can’t remember what the taco place was now. I didn’t realize Sylvia’s was there. I have no love lost for that Houston institution, having had several bad meals there long ago. I don’t get the adoration at all.

Burger King.

You laugh, but I JUST discovered the two tacos for a dollar at Jack in the Box. All these years wasted.

Because I read a lot of high-brow publications.



Some places make them better than others, like the one on Gessner were very soggy and the one by my work on S. Main next to Pappas BBQ are always crunchy and delicious with fresh lettuce too.


Possibly suzuki?

Looks like it, utterly delicious.