Izakaya Rintaro, Mission

Had dinner at Izakaya Rintaro in the Mission. It’s a nice space, small, lots of wood and high ceilings.
We had:

Botan Ebi Sashimi ($22)
Santa Barbara spot prawn sashimi with freshly grated wasabi and fried heads. Excellent. An order consists of three sliced spot prawns with some shiso leaves as garnish, and their deep fried heads. Prawn sashimi tasted very fresh and sweet. I’m guessing that they make the very good soy sauce provided for dipping in-house. Prawn heads fried perfectly.

Tomato Kyuri Sunomono ($7)
Chilled Cucumber and dirty girl early girl tomatoes with sweet vinegar and shiso. Served with a little japanese mayonnaise on the side. Not bad, refreshing.

Yakitori - Negima Thigh ($7), Chicken Oyster ($8), Chicken Liver ($6)
These all came lightly sauced and served with what looked shichimi togarashi on the side. Standout here were the chicken oysters, which were more flavorful and larger than the negima. Chicken livers could maybe have been a little more rare.

Chiizu Tori Katsu ($14)
Riverdog chicken and cowgirl wagon wheel cheese katsu with acme panko, snowy cabbage and shiso. Served with some tonkatsu sauce on the side. Good, but probably would have been better with dark meat rather than white.

Ebi Kurimu Korokke ($15)
Wild white shrimp and bechamel korokke with acme panko, snowy cabbage and shiso. Also served with tonkatsu sauce. Good, a bit tricky to eat due to the molten bechamel inside.

Teuchi Udon ($13) with a Spring Egg (+$2)
Housemade hand-rolled udon with two fishes broth, scallion and nori, with a hot spring egg. Very good. Udon noodles had a good texture and snap. Clear broth nice and clean tasting. Egg may have been cooked sous vide as the yolk had gelled all the way through.


Sat at the bar for a solo dinner at Rintaro.

I had:

Kanpachi No Sashimi ($18)
“Baja yellowtail amberjack sashimi with Half Moon Bay wasabi.” Very good sashimi. Served slightly cooler than room temperature, good texture, well cut, and fresh tasting.

Yosedofu ($10)
“House-made silken tofu with meiji soy milk, scallion, ginger, katsuobushi and shoyu.” I had an excellent house-made tofu from Raku in Las Vegas a few days prior and this leapt out at me from the menu. Not quite the same dish - Rintaro’s is silken while Raku’s is somewhat firm. That being said Rintaro’s tofu was good but not quite at the level of Raku’s. Nice soybean flavor though. Maybe I just prefer a more solid tofu.

Liver + Garlic Yakitori ($8)
Rintaro’s yakitori come 2 to a skewer, and the chicken is from Riverdog Farm. This was ok, but was a little overdone and a touch on the dry side. I should have read my notes above from the last visit before ordering. Served lightly sauced with some shichimi on the side and a puree of sweet roasted garlic.

Chicken Oyster Yakitori ($11)
Ordered this again, and it was good. Moist pieces of chicken oyster (the two oyster shaped muscles near the thighs on the bottom of the chicken). They came with some skin still attached, which had crisped up a little from the grill.

Millefeuille Miso Katsu ($16)
“Ten layer Becker Lane pork katsu with black hatcho miso sauce, fresh acme panko, snowy cabbage and hot mustard.” The “millefeuille” in this dish I believe refers to the pork, which is sliced into thin slices before being breaded and fried. Quite good. Pork was juicy and tender, and the tenderness and juiciness were enhanced by the slicing. Cabbage on the side was fine, shredded thinly and lightly dressed with a mayo based dressing.

Food Menu

My server wisely advised against ordering a finishing dish (typically in an izakaya you finish the meal with a rice or noodle based dish). I was stuffed.

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