Ivegill,Caldbeck, Hesket Newmarket and Uldale - can anybody help?!

Evening all

Hope someone can help me with this…

Looking for somewhere for dinner within reasonable driving distance of Caldbeck Fells - for my mum’s 70th.
The villages above are those which are listed as being nearest, as it does seem a bit remote.
An overly easy onion task I know,so a few added complications.
We are going in December.
With one adult and and one ten year old coeliac.
In a party of 12.
Still easy, right ?
All suggestions very gratefully received.
Thanks in advance

Tricky, mate. Very tricky.

Nearest I could get you is either Carlisle or Penrith. Both 30 minute drives. And longer if the weather is iffy in December.

I take it you’ll have Googled on “pub” and “restaurant” for each of the villages to see what comes up? And, at least up till a couple of years ago, there was a Cumbria food forum, or restaurant review site. Maybe worth seeing if that still exists. I hesitate to mention TripAdvisor - but it may be worth a shot.