It's that time again, Bahr(f)s Oktoberfest, Highlands

It’s back, for a limited time only:

Because every Bavarian Restaurant needs a Tiki Bar!

Menu here:

To help off-set Bahr(f)s Octoberfest, I do offer you the Pour House Octoberfest as an alternative. I’m by far no expert on wienerschnitzel (don’t even know how to spell it and spell check is of no help) or spatzel, but the Pour House does put out a very decent product for the price. Like most else there, it’s not gourmet but it will satisfy you if your looking for your “fix”.

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Here is a coupon for you:

With “Chef Butchie formerly of Hofbrauhaus”.

Don’t you just love slutty chicks in a dirndl with big steins?

Do you think they have the big soft pretzels too?

Yes I agree. Their German specials aren’t great but they are good enough for me and the price isn’t too bad. I get them at the sitting duck which is usually a little cheaper than pH too

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Alright, you convinced me. We like to go for happy hour on Fridays and this Friday we will be sitting outside, most likely at the Tiki Bar.

Baaah! Just watched the news and realize now that sitting outside this Friday may not be possible. Looks like we put this one off for two weeks.

Has anyone actually been to this? I haven’t been to bahrs in ages. I can’t even remember the last time I went.

Speaking of German, what are the places left in central nj?

Big steins, pitchers even…

Schneider’s in Avon. Festhalle in AP.

Hopefully it’s a kitchen rescue show!?!?! I wonder if there was a big truck outside that said 24 Hours to Hell and Back!?!?!?