It's not a parking kiosk, it's a noodle shop. [Berkeley]

The Chinese name is "Shandong Mian Guan [noodle shop]


Funny I lived two blocks away for years and never knew there was a hot dog stand there.

This is how the stand looks, among the surroundings.


I think the hot dog stand was started in the past 15 years or so, so it could be after your time. They advertised Chicago-style hot dogs.

The BEEF ROLL isnt bad … Not as good as the one at INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF CHINESE PANCAKE on TARAVAL, but I suppose I was glad it was so much less oily, since I was eating-while-loitering.

I’m not quite sure if the hot sauce was home made or just Sriracha/Modified Sriracha. With Hoisin Sauce I believe … not fancy, but fine with me, as I like Hoisin Sauce. I think some will find this a bit whitewashed and other will think it is innovative and fills a niche [actually tasted reasonably healthy].

I tried one of the POTSTICKERS from my colleague’s order. I liked it but again, I could see a split of opinions of similar grounds as with the BEEF ROLL, based on whether you like the taste or are bothered by the “pre-fabness”. I will have a better sense by consuming a full order.

Will try the ROU MIAN SOUP next time.

We got there at prime time for lunch and were only behind two orders. I think if the lady doesnt have help and there are 5-6 people in line [more arrived as we were finishing, and it is near Berkeley High … for for summer I assume], it could be quite a long wait indeed … sort of line the “food truck problem”, wait 20min for food you eat in 5min, difficult to go a second round etc.