[Italy] Thought others might be interested in these olive oil agriturismi

A big omission in this article is the region of Liguria, where you can find not only great olive oil but agriturismi aplenty, especially in the Taggia area, if you want to stay where high quality olive oil is being produced. Another defect of the article is that it comes from a commercial site that is pushing travel, but still I found it useful (and timely if you are thinking of traveling to Italy in the immediate future).

Where to stay in olive oil country in Italy

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Rather makes me want to visit - I’d love to see the Italian countryside.

The olive oil producing areas are some of the most atmospheric and peaceful in all of Italy, and the smell of the olive trees is wonderful.

Another area that the article leaves it is a small micro-climate area on the shores of Lago di Garda that produces a particularly mild and much treasured olive oil, perhaps the furtherst north in Italy (and maybe Europe?).

The beautiful island of Sardinia is also not on the list, and it too produces some very lively olive oil in beautiful surroundings.

If you enjoy food culture, staying in an agriturismo while visiting the Italian countryside is fun.

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