Italy -Off the beaten path

My family and I will be traveling to Italy in July. (I know, I know…but it is early in the month and we are praying for decent weather)

The reason for the trip timing is a Covid on again/off again/on again wedding in Buonconvento, near Siena. We will be spending a few days in Rome, then meeting other family on the beach in Santa Marinella for a few days before heading to the wedding.

For Rome restaurants I think we are set and trying for reservations at Armando, Cesare, etc.
Santa Marinella is an unknown as is Buonconvento. Not sure if anyone has any recommendations in these smaller places but if so, I’m all ears.

We will be limited on time in Buonconvento so we might be able to get to Siena for a lunch, but maybe not even that. As to the beach part, we may have time to stray a little further. Another limiting factor is my kids will have significant others in tow and my nephew as well. So a party of 7.

This is either going to be hell or a great trip for the ages :laughing:


Why not stay longer at the beach and skip Rome? Unless it would be your first time and you really really want to see the city… Not saying Rome isn’t nice, but July and Rome doesn’t mix as well as a beach destination imho.

Fair question, but yes we have a couple first timers in the group. Also, our daughter lived in Rome for the better part of a year so she wants to see “her” city and a few of her friends.

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July in Italy you are likely to get hot and dry weather. Where you will like to be I predict is out under a shady canopy in the country eating local grilled fish or meat, pasta specialties, etc . Not in a crowded town situation. There are lots of hill towns and country restaurants in Tuscany, including Siena province offering this experience. The drive through the beautiful countryside is half the fun whereas finding parking in siena is a misery. Hopefully you will get some relevant reccs here but if you dont both the slowfood osterie guide and are generally reliable resources.

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Thank you, i will check those out. And yes, my goal will be generally shade.

Slow Food Guide is also where I start–try also Gambero Rosso.

I would be very very excited about Buonconvento and slightly nervous about SM–only because seaside places can be hit or miss all over the world.


Thank you so much for pointing me to those. As it turns out my daughter did a little work for the author of the 3rd link, I’ve sent them all to her and am hopeful for some more tidbits. Understood about the the seaside places caveat, we live in the center of that conundrum in NJ.

I was very surprised at the number of very well regarded restaurants on the coast of Lazio near Rome. I had one of my best dinners in Italy in the Rome vicinity, at PASCUCCI AL PORTICCIOLO (One Michelin star, if that matters to you). This took place during an overnight stay in the small coastal town of Fiumicino, I now try to work in an overnight in Fiumicino town or nearby when arriving at the airport after a flight from the US and planning to rent a car the following day. All this is to say that there is some very delightful eating near Santa Marinella.
Check out this link, for example, one of several informative online sources; even better if you can read some Italian for the others:

And this one specifically covers Santa Marinella:


Thank you erica.

Side note, you folks were always awesome on CH. Glad to see (most of) you here :slight_smile:

Btw, in Rome. Where are we at with SantoPalato?

Still worth it to put on the short list?