Italian Peach Cookies?? (Pesche Dolci) anywhere in NYC

I’ve been searching high and low for a bakery that has Italian Peach Cookies. They’re basically two soft, sugar-coated cookies stuck together with a cream filling and soaked in peach liqueur. They also resemble pink peaches with a little mint sprig attached at the top like a leaf. My hometown had a bakery which made them seasonally in the spring, but since I’ve moved to Brooklyn I can’t find them anywhere.

I’m truly willing to travel anywhere in NYC that has them, so any leads are very much appreciated!

Where in Brooklyn are you located? In Carroll Gardens there is Pasticceria Monteleone on Court Street; they skew fancy/seasonal. There’s also Court Street Pastry Shop, although they’re a little less fancy/seasonal.

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As mig said, Carroll Gardens has several places that may have (or know where to find) what you’re looking for. If you know what region of Italy its from, it’ll make it easier to find. So, I’d suggest you look up the place in your home town to see where they’re from and go from there. If its a Sicilian product, the best guess would be Villabate (

i think they’re from Calabria or Abruzzo.

If you are near Avenue U in Brooklyn tons of Italian bakery shops closer to Bensonhurst or call Ferrara’s in Little Italy always fun See if Aliota Bakery On Avenue N in Brooklyn always a family favorite.

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The first thing I did when I read this post was check the Ferrera’s website (and the sites of some places on Arthur Ave). I didn’t see anything like what the OP describes.

I googled around and was surprised
I didn’t see any in NYC Italian bakeries.

Maybe a Sicilian bakery in Brooklyn or on Arthur Avenue would have them.

If you ever visit Toronto, Forno Cultura often has them in the spring and summer.

The Pesche di Prato is a Tuscan version

Looks like there are variations from different regions.

I’ve found them called
Pesche Dolci
Pesche all’ Alchermes / Pesche Dolci all’Alchermes
Pesche Sarde
Pesche di Prato
Pesche Dolce alla Siciliana

Available in Toronto this week.

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Villabate would be my suggestion too - give them a call.

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I now see this thread is more than a year old. Hope Justinia found her cookies!