ITALIAN - Fall 2019 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter

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Another adventure into hand-made pasta = PICI
Essentially hand-rolled long pasta
Simple flour and water dough, centimeter cubes elongated into lengths by extending the hands as rolling them outward. Easy but tedious unless you’re a practiced nonna.


The irregularity is part of the interest, the “toothsomeness”.

I really like this pasta and am willing to make it for two people. Four if I really like them, but beyond that you’d better be willing to come early and help in the kitchen.


Nice! Do you roll them on a floured counter? Wondering how I’d do this given lack of counter space… maybe silicone pastry sheet on table or floor…

Yep really true.
Also Italian tomato sauce is the standard to most of restaurants.

@Saregama Unfloured seems to work best as you need some friction to make the dough respond, if that makes any sense. 1foot by 1 1/2 feet would be ample and a mat sounds like a good solution. Have fun!

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May I ask how much time it needs to roll out pici for 2? Do you think it can be frozen? Thx.

The nonas roll pasta in a group, it’s their leisure activity for village goissips.


Mmmm, can’t really tell. Probably 15-20 minutes the first time you try. It will depend on the quality of your dough. When it’s right, it goes easier. :grinning:

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Peppers with goat cheese, olive, garlic

Handmade pasta, sausage, tomato, onion, garlic, white wine, basil, parmesan



Passionate , hand made pasta , ingredients that you sought after , flavor combinations , and the love of it . Absolutely .

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Goodness your homemade pasta game is impressive!


Not at all. It’s just flour and water, and fits my frequent need: what’s to eat when there’s nothing to eat.

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Raisin focaccia (focaccia con uva passa)

This was plain but you can add rosemary or anise for interesting combinations.
A classic breakfast bread and maybe even better with a glass of vin santo.


As an aside, we have found that kitchen sheers are great for cutting pizza or focaccia IMHO, much easier and neater than a pizza wheel.

COTECHINO, potatoes and finnochio

Second day


You could always pull the chicken out and pop it under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp up the skin. I do that with dishes like chicken adobo, braised chicken, etc.


I did not know what Cotechino was, so I looked it up. Sounds terrific. Your photos show it up nicely!

re Cotechino, I just realized that I blew it by not getting out a jar of Mostardo to go with this. Would have been perfect.

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