Italian BYOB - Modo Mio, Monsu or Zeppoli?

Title says it all. These are the top three contenders for a dinner next Saturday…

Let’s hear it, Philly-philes :slight_smile:

For me, it’s no contest. BYOB or not, Zeppoli is the best Italian restaurant in the city or near it. Entire Vetri family of restaurants included. I could have sworn you’ve been there before, was I mistaken? If not, my favorites there include the house-made sausage and rabe appetizer, the antipasto, the pesto trapanese, and the gnocchi.

I’ve not yet been to Zeppoli. Thanks for your input, BH!

Zeppoli, although you’d better make a res fast, and it is REALLY loud.

Looks like Zeppoli & Modo Mio will hafta be postponed for some other time. Monsu just confirmed my rez :slight_smile:

Where, exactly, is Zeppoli? A Google search shows a restaurant by that name in Collingswood.

That’s the Zeppoli.

Yes, it’s in Joysey, but apparently just a short, sweet cab ride away.

One of these days I’ll make it there, I swears '-)

Monsu was nice - I could see going here occasionally if I lived in the neighborhood, but I won’t seek it out as a place to which to return.

It’s really tough to find impressive Italian food, it seems.

I love Le Virtu too, and they do a BYOB night (Tuesday?) too. Also Brigantessa is doing BYOB on Mondays I believe (only been there once, so can’t attest to their food).

Brigantessa is OK but there’s really no reason to go there over Le Virtu unless you like the pizza at Brigantessa. Neither can hold a candle to Zeppoli though.

I’ve been to Le Virtu and liked it, but it’s not a place I’d return to, either.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to try Zeppoli next time I’m in town.

The thing to do is focus on pastas at Le Virtu, those are what they are best at.

Oh, I’m all about the pasta when I go to Italian restos. It just wasn’t that great.

You liked Monsu and didn’t like Le Virtu???

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Collingswood is practically a Philly neighborhood and fast on transit but zeppoli is off the main drag and a longish walk to the train. Definitely Uber territory but a quick ride not too expensive but involves a bridge and toll. BYOB is collingswood’s cottage industry lots of good options but if zeppoli thrives in an off track location with all the competition it must be good. I never paid it any mind but have passed it umpteen times.

Hmm I love Le Virtu its Abruzzese influnce makes it one of the only Italian restaurants that reminds me of my family’s food and the pasta alla chitarra with lamb ragu i found wonderful in particular. I have had a few but very few disappointing dishes there.

If you read my posts a little more carefully, I wrote that I liked both - but neither enough to return, given the many other Italian restaurants in Philly I have yet to try.

I might also be spoiled with great Italian food/pasta in Berlin, where there are several restaurants I visit regularly. It is what it is.

PS: IIRC, you also loved Marigold Kitchen, which was just okay for me, and another place at which I wouldn’t spend my money again.

Limited budgets and taste preferences are likely factors here.