Italian Beef Sandwich in NJ?

Some people visit Chicago and come away missing deep dish pizza. Sorry Lou Malnati’s, but I’ll stick with my ny/nj thin crust. What I came home missing when I visited Chicago almost ten years ago is a good Italian Beef sandwich. Since then I have been searching NJ for one. First you need thin sliced roasted beef swimming in a flavorful Italian gravy:

And then it is served on a roll, always with the roll soaked in the gravy, then topped with hot Italian giardiniera:

Today, at least, the best Italian Beef sandwich in NJ is in my house.

I’m hoping to find a local spot to indulge my craving. Does anybody know of one?


I seem to remember a couple places opening. And closing, unfortunately. The last one I saw was up in Bloomfield Ave somewhere. And I agree, it’s a great sandwich.

I think you are stuck making it yourself.


While I am a huge fan of Lou’s and consider any trip to Chicago without a slice or two to be incomplete, I agree that the Chicago Italian beef is a thing of beauty and I try to have one whenever I am there. Wet, extra giardiniera please. I have never seen one on a menu anywhere in the NYC region, unfortunately. Yours looks really good, though!

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I haven’t ever tried it but there is an Italian Beef sandwich on the menu at Goodman’s deli in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Look at the section of the menu titled Chicago Style Menu. This is a Jewish style deli but the owner is from Chicago I think. I’ve only been there once and it was to try the Jewish deli food so no Italian Beef for me. Copy of menu in link below.


Your next mission should you choose to accept it is to find me a place you can find Baltimore style pit beef in NJ.


Dave I think you need to open an Italian beef and cheese steak truck!


As we all have way too much time on our hands nowadays, I was going though old emails and groups related to food and remembered Red’s Dips & Flips in West Caldwell, NJ. By the time I found it and fell in love, it closed down. Memories of my dating life…but anyway. Has anyone found a place in NJ with the Chicago style Italian beef sandwich? I live in central NJ but travel for good food.


I have not had it but Goodmans Deli in Berkeley Heights has a Chicago menu section including Italian Beef. I’ve only been once but the regular deli food was good.


This is the third time I’ve had Goldbelly deliver Buona Italian Beef. That 4 lb tub of beef and gravy goes a long way. I’ve never had anything local to Monmouth county NJ or even further afield.

You can’t see it, but this one has an Italian hot sausage buried under the beef.


Would you consider sharing the recipe for your Italian gravy and giardiniera?

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If your recipe question was for me, I wish I had one to share. I order from and they deliver the whole kit and kaboodle including meat in gravy, rolls, and giardiniera to me frozen.


When stock returns…or it’s a misprint!


That’s the stuff! And a lot cheaper than Goldbelly too.

Yeah, that’s why I mentioned it might be a misprint on price. It’s also sold thru Amazon at a diff price. Goldbelly is usually the higher priced source.