It’s Official ! Trader Joe’s coming to Yorktown!

And some people on FB groups are complaining, saying that they sell unhealthy food and that we don’t need one. Oh, and the traffic, it’s gonna be another Central Avenue and we’re turning into Yonkers! This for a retailer that has been the #1 most requested store in the area for at least the past decade.

In other supermarket news, Amazon Fresh is going to be opening in Brookfield, CT.

Amazon’s Automated Checkout Is Coming to Full-Size Supermarkets - Bloomberg

Hi MisterBill - complainers gonna complain!!! I’ll be interested to try Amazon Fresh.

Was just driving thru a portion of new Rochelle that is “ragged” to put it mildly - years ago Ikea wanted to build there, but especially because it borders other towns - complaints were well organised and Ikea gave up on it. Would have helped tremendously. As far as Yorktown turning into Central Avenue Yonkers - I have a better chance of becoming president (take a #). As far as it being unhealthy - just don’t eat it (problem solved).


I know - its so ridiculous that its anything like Central Avenue!

The only thing Yorktown and Central Avenue have in common is that at one time Grandma’s pies was in both places, but the one on Central Avenue didn’t last too long and it was in the Greenburgh section, not Yonkers LOL Now I see the one in Yorktown is closed too. Pies took a big hit from pandemic - Grandma’s and pie Lady and Son :disappointed:

You’re right, I’d forgotten about Grandma’s.

I believe that Grandma’s is still open. Sadly, the original owners sold, and the new owners turned it into a pizza place. From what I’ve read, neither type of pie is particularly good these days.

Grandma’s Restaurant - Cortlandt Manor - Menu & Hours - Order Delivery (

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What I say to the Yonkers comment is that if it means not having to drive 30 minutes to get to any store I want to shop at, sign me up. I had an argument with someone online who claimed that Central Avenue traffic was terrible, but when I’ve driven it, it’s seemed to move pretty decently.

I go at off hours and not on the weekends. I’ve never had a problem except when there was road construction.

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